Prisync vs Wiser Solutions – Features Comparison

No e-commerce platform nowadays could operate and grow properly with its’ competitors always getting ahead. Staying up-to-date with all the market changes, evaluating trends, and decision-making processes are crucial when it comes to selling online.

That’s why price monitoring software is a must-have in today’s e-commerce world. More data about competitors and their prices mean more room for improvement in your business.

If you’ve been wondering which tool you should choose – Wiser or Prisync, you couldn’t get to a better place for it! In this article, we will break down all the differences between these two.

We will cover basic and advanced features comparison, pricing, implementation, and many more. With our help, not only you will be given all the information needed, but you will also know which tool suits your company the best. Let’s start with the basics:

Dynamic or static pricing?

When setting up a business, one of the key questions the owner has to ask himself is whether to choose dynamic or static pricing.
Static pricing is more of a traditional model in which a product’s price is fixed and stays the same regardless of changing market trends or competitors’ moves. This method can be extremely useful when it comes to manufacturers as they are keener on establishing fixed prices for every single customer they have.

On the other hand, there’s dynamic pricing that allows changing products’ prices multiple times, as soon as a product’s price starts to fluctuate due to competitors’ moves or demand changes. This strategy is widely used in the e-commerce sector. Changing a product’s price might be vital when it comes to adapting to new market trends or just staying ahead of the competition.

Dynamic pricing is getting more and more popular in the e-commerce industry, as it fits its principles – often price changes and strong demand fluctuations.
wiser solutions

Both Wiser Solutions and Prisync enable their clients to monitor, set, and develop new prices, based on accurate data about competitors’ actions, demand, and supply changes. That is very important to create sales with proper prices.

In the e-commerce sector, the more accurate the prices are, the more clients they can satisfy. As simple as that. Nowadays everyone looks for cheaper alternatives to a given product online.
Repricing is the best way to efficiently stick with the implementation of a given pricing policy.

What’s easier to use – Wiser Solutions or Prisync?

Ease of use is probably one of the most underrated features when it comes to price-tracking software. At first, it might seem logical because everyone expects the tool to accurately track competitors’ prices and nothing besides that.

However, after some time of using a tool that is really complicated and only experienced managers can make use of it, frustration takes over. That’s why ease of use should be one of the critical factors when deciding to choose software for your business. While choosing the best price tracking software it is also vital to differentiate a company’s primary goals. If a tool is well-matched with a company, it’s naturally easier to use. It’s also important to state, that there is no software that fits into every business and every industry.
Wiser Solutions provides online and in-store key services in terms of consumer experience, price management, market awareness and brand intelligence. The tool supports businesses in their decision-making processes by gathering precise data about prices, products and strategies. 
One of Wiser’s key features are Digital Shelf Intelligence, which operates around five KPI’s, and MAP-oriented products that include MAP Monitoring & MAP Enforcement.

Prisync is a very handy tool created mainly for online shops. It delivers a detailed C-level analysis that makes it easy for all-sized businesses to grow. As one of the most popular tools for price tracking, Prisync stands out with its reactive online customer support and a free onboarding service for those who are not decided yet whether they want to start a long-term partnership.

The software provides its clients with a wide variety of features, some of them being: historical pricing reports, stock availability trading, email alerting and many more. Apart from that, Prisync allows its’ clients to gather reliable data on competitors and to monitor prices all over the world.

Prisync vs Wiser Solutions – essential features

Both tools are similar when it comes to what they provide for their clients and how they support their daily tasks. However, there are some differences between them even when it comes to the most basic features.

Prisync compared to Wiser Solutions stands out with features like:


Wiser Solutions does not enable its clients with integrations. Whereas Prisync integrates data from the price monitoring platform straight into shops. Some of them are:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • JSON Feed

Open API

Open API is nothing else but a solution allowing third-party developers to modify software settings and match its’ features with clients’ needs. Prisync provides its’ clients with such a possibility and it is often perceived as a crucial feature, but they charge 20% extra on top of the final fee.

The combination of price tracking software and before-hand used settings that businesses used previously, might turn out twice as efficient.

Geographical scope

While Wiser Solutions operates only in USA, Germany, France, UK, Australia and India, Prisync supports businesses all around the globe with many successes.


Wiser Solutions, on the other hand, compared to Prisyncs stands out with features such as:

ML Component

Machine Learning Component known as ML Component provides specific algorithms created to learn by themselves by gathering the data and recognizing different patterns. Not only does ML continuously learn and adjust present actions for more accurate price changes, but it also increases its capacity, and spectrum of abilities and helps in setting new strategies for the long-term goals that the company has set.

Promotion Monitoring

In Promotion Tracking, every aspect is important. Wiser takes care of things like the location of the promotional banner, ad or button or period in which the promotion is being set. At first glance, it may appear random, but in order to get exceptional results, e-stores have to accurately analyze and set their promotions.

Wiser Solutions and Prisync – advanced features comparison.

There’s one thing that’s undeniably key in the e-commerce race for new clients.

It’s a range of advanced features you can use, that will get you ahead of your competition. A wide spectrum of basic and advanced features can provide great improvements in your brand’s pricing strategy.

We’ve also added Dealavo to the comparison below so you can take a look at the feature differences and decide what tool among these three would fit your business model the best.


As you can see, there are some significant differences between all these tools. If you’d like to learn more about Dealavo, watch the video below.


There’s also quite a difference between Prisync and Wiser Solutions when it comes to price.

While Wiser Solutions offers individual pricing starting at 699$ per month, Prisync has 3 pricing plans starting from 99$ up to 399$.

In comparison, Dealavo’s prices start at 250$ per month which makes it the most cost-effective solution.


Even though making such decisions isn’t easy, it’s definitely worth your time to analyse which tool you’d like to go with. Wiser, Prisync and Dealavo are all great solutions enabling online businesses with high-quality reports, price monitoring features and many more. We hope that this article gave you a good overview of all these solutions and you’re ready to decide!