Checking missing products in the e-shops’ portfolios

Price monitoring in e-commerce is the first step to success – the next step, however, is to track the availability of products in e-shops. Whether you are a brand who monitors the sale of your own SKUs or a seller wanting to know what your competition is doing, such information can be very useful. Find out how to effectively check which products are missing in the portfolios of online stores and how this knowledge can help you improve your own offer.


How can the Dealavo platform help you?

The standard version of the Dealavo platform can be used to check which products of your brand (out of the monitored products) can be found at a specific retailer or which products in your store are sold by the competition. You can also find out which of the monitored SKUs do not have product cards (are not listed) at the selected sellers – all you have to do is click the right button to gain access to the information presented in the form of a transparent list. All reports generated by Dealavo can also be exported into Excel.

As an additional option, you can also monitor the availability of various product groups at selected retailers. After creating the product groups, you have to select the stores or auction platforms where the categories are to be monitored. You can adjust the category view to make browsing easier. Dealavo also gives you the option to verify what percentage of products of a particular group is available, unavailable or not even listed at a particular retailer. This way, you will be able to routinely monitor your distributors and adjust your offering.


How to use the information from product availability monitoring?

Whether you are a manufacturer or a seller, you can use the information provided by the Dealavo platform in various ways.

Information from product availability monitoring is particularly useful for manufacturers wanting to monitor their own listings and decide if specific products should be added to the range offered by selected stores. Your own products can also be compared with the products of your competition in the same way.

Stores, in turn, can use this information to check which products can give them an edge over their competitors.. Such information is given in the form of a column showing the differences between the prices in PLN and per cent. This way you can filter specific SKUs and quickly identify the ones with the largest discrepancies.

Monitoring of missing products can provide you with tangible benefits regardless of whether you are a manufacturer monitoring its own products on the market or a seller wanting to know what other stores are doing. Contact us if you would like to learn more about your monitoring options. At Dealavo, we collect data about the prices and availability of products on the market each day to help our clients make the right business decision.