Magento integrations that increase sales in your store

Magento is not among the most popular solutions chosen by e-commerce entrepreneurs. However, many people perceive this system as an ideal, especially for large companies. If you fall into this category of users, the following article will inform you about Magento integrations that can boost your business profits.

Handful of important information about Magento integrations

When considering ways to enhance the appeal of your Magento shop, head to the Magento Marketplace — a website that serves as an online repository where you can download or purchase extensions for your shop built on this platform.

Right from the start, it’s important to keep in mind (especially if you’re not yet familiar with Magento) that installing plugins on this system can be somewhat more intricate than on WordPress or Prestashop. Occasionally, you might require the assistance of a programmer. However, the internet is replete with detailed tutorials that walk you through the process of integrating plugins into Magento, step by step.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics – discover the list of Magento integrations that will enhance your store’s financial performance.

Magento integrations with payment providers

In the short term, a payment gateway may not immediately demonstrate cost savings. Nevertheless, as customer traffic grows, you’ll begin to notice that the accumulated commission costs from the payment provider become a significant factor.

Hence, it’s prudent to opt for a Magento integration with an online payment provider offering the lowest possible commissions. Negotiating terms is an option, but keep in mind that the relatively lower popularity of Magento shops can limit your choices when it comes to online payment integrations.

There are several payment providers on the market whose services you can integrate into your Magento shop.

  • PayPal: one of the more commonly chosen payment providers for Magento is PayPal. Integration with this payment system is available in the Magento Marketplace. It can be downloaded free of charge from there. 
  • Stripe: this integration for Magento allows payment by debit and credit card. With this plugin, you can set up a one-click checkout, and accept recurring payments.

Shipping integrations for Magento

You are likely aware that customers have their unique preferences when it comes to delivery methods. Some prefer established companies, while others prioritize cost and delivery speed. To meet customers’ expectations in your Magento shop, you should provide the solutions they expect. Integrating with courier brokers can be a valuable option.

There are numerous well-established global solutions in the market that enjoy high recognition among customers. When searching for Magento integrations, it’s advisable to consider these reputable brands. 

The choice of the exact courier is up to you — we just want to mention that every reputable company has its own plugin for Magento shops. Below are some examples:

  • Easyship: this tool automates the processes involved in shipping products to customers. If you intend to sell internationally, this tool will save you a lot of time and money.
  • UPS, DPD, InPost: You can, of course, also integrate your Magento shop directly with the services of any courier company. Be sure to choose a solution that offers attractive shipping rates.

BaseLinker – A must-have integration for your Magento shop

You may not be familiar with the BaseLinker brand, but you need to know that this tool does a great job in the area of sales service automation.

If you expand your distribution channels beyond your own store and sell on marketplace platforms, integrating BaseLinker into your Magento shop becomes essential. This integration empowers you to manage all your products, whether listed in your shop, on Amazon, eBay or other marketplaces, through a single interface.

With this system, you can efficiently handle a wide range of order processing tasks, including mass product listings across all sales channels, customer communication, invoicing, and expedited shipping.

The developers of the plugin that connects your Magento shop with BaseLinker have simplified the integration process. You only need to provide an API key to access the full functionalities of the BaseLinker plugin.

Email marketing integrations

Magento includes a built-in feature for sending system emails to your customers, but this alone may not suffice to boost sales. To implement more advanced email marketing strategies, it’s crucial to integrate Magento with your email marketing tool.

Top email marketing service providers have ensured seamless integration with Magento, and you can also explore solutions from local providers. Nearly every popular Polish email marketing tool can be effortlessly implemented in Magento-based shops. In the following sections, we’ll introduce the ones we believe are worth your attention.

  • MailChimp: this email marketing system is one of the most popular in the world. It will work great on Magento if you want to send automated newsletters and sales emails.
  • ActiveCampaign: ActiveCampaign presents a fantastic opportunity for marketing and sales emails. Its advanced email sequences empower you to boost in-store sales and reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • ConvertKit: The software provides extensive capabilities for creating email marketing sequences with conditional logic. While the system can be implemented for free on a website, its full potential becomes evident when you opt for ConvertKit’s paid version.

Magento social media integrations

While marketing activities within your shop are crucial, it’s equally important not to overlook your social media presence. This is where Magento plugins come to the rescue, enabling effective social media marketing.

One noteworthy Magento plugin geared toward social media is the product import tool for Facebook Marketplace, exemplified by the Facebook Store Integration. Given the popularity of this sales channel among internet users, showcasing your products here is a wise move.

Furthermore, you can enhance your social media presence with an extension that facilitates product and content sharing from your shop. Social Share Extension is a helpful plugin that simplifies this action. Users can easily share products they like across their social media channels.

Dynamic Repricing for Magento

It’s safe to say that building a successful e-commerce business hinges on having an effective pricing strategy—one that continuously adapts to evolving market dynamics. The key is to ensure that price adjustments occur automatically. Curious about how this can be achieved? That’s where the Dealavo app comes into play. This tool empowers you to holistically shape your online shop’s pricing strategy.

With its Dynamic Pricing feature, the app enables automatic price modifications based on up-to-date market data. When your competitors make specific changes to their price lists, the application responds instantly, ensuring your prices are positioned for maximum sales in your shop.

Magento integrations that increase sales in your store (summary)

In conclusion, the success of a Magento online shop is contingent on the implementation of essential integrations. After reading this article, we recommend reflecting on the specific functionalities that would resonate with your customers and promptly incorporating them into your online store.