Technology and consumer electronics events – which ones will take place despite COVID?

Every year, several thousands of participants attend technology and consumer electronics’ events. During the most popular conferences, exhibitors and participants can do networking, show their disruptive products and learn about solutions which can add value to their business. The newest trends can also be discussed during the Q&A sessions and discussion panels. 

How has the COVID-19 outbreak impacted tech events?

The pandemic outbreak, officially announced in March 2020, influenced every business – including tech and consumer electronics. In March 2020, Statista led the first research about the COVID influence on global tech events.


35% of the events were moved online and 34% – postponed. There were two times less (15%) conferences which were canceled or took place despite the pandemic. It means that organizers went for multiple different solutions which isn’t surprising since the tech sector is famous for innovation, unconventional solutions and market resilience. 

What is the future of the most anticipated conferences e.g. Computex, CES or IFA? Will exhibitors and participants meet in the virtual form or will some conferences appear in the physical form?

The list of the most popular events – which will take place physically and which virtually?

In this list, you’ll find the most known and prestigious conferences. The line-up isn’t random – it starts with the closest events.

Rise of AI Summit

The conference covers topic of AI technology. During two days, everyone would be able to listen to experts and branch opinion leaders. The conference can also be an inspiration for companies – especially for those which think about processes automation and implementation of AI in their organization. The Rise of AI Summit is held both physically (in Berlin) and in a virtual way.

Organizer: Rise of AI
Date: 17 – 18.11.2020
Language: English
Conference link
Free stream online, ticket prices from € 549


International Conference on Consumer Electronics is a chance to network and exchange knowledge on consumer electronics. Its wide spectrum of topics will pull in companies that search for AI, 5G telecommunication, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning. This conference will be held online.

Organizer: Consumer Technology Society
Date: 10 – 12.01.2021
Language: English
Conference link 
Registration has not opened yet


CES® is a prestigious conference. The topics which will be covered are: AI, cybersecurity and privacy, e-commerce, consumer electronics and many more. Tech and consumer electronics branch leaders will meet and exchange experience and talk about the newest solutions. The event is held online.

Organizer: The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®
Date: 11-14.01.2021
Language: English
Conference link
Information about registration and tickets will be announced in autumn 2020 

EmTech Digital

EmTech Digital is the conference organized by MIT (Massachusetts Technology Institute). It’s around AI and market disruptions that change the world. It can be particularly interesting for companies that want to be up-to-date with the newest trends or want to invest in AI. The conference will be held online.

Organizer: MIT Technology Review
Date: 23 – 25.03.2021
Language: English
Conference link 
Ticket prices start at $800


Computex Taipei is one of the biggest technology and B2B trades. The topics cover AI, the Internet of Things, consumer electronics, computers and computer components. Providers and distributors from the most known companies meet and discuss the newest solutions. The event will be held physically in 2021 in Taipei.

Organizer: Computex Taipei
Date: 1 – 5.06.2021
Language: English
Conference link 
The tickets are both free and paid. The price for a booth starts at $3600


During IFA trades, representatives of different brands interested in consumer electronics and domestic electronics have an opportunity to exchange their experience. The conference is well known around the world and until now had an attendance of 240,000 participants from 100 different countries. Apart from the regular event, there was a special edition + IFA TENDED SPACE in 2020. The next edition of IFA is planned in the hybrid form.

Organizer:  German Association for Entertainment and Communication Electronics (GFU) in cooperation with Messe Berlin
Date:  3 – 7.09.2021 
Language: English/German
Conference link 
Tickets prices will be announced in spring 2021. The ticket stake will contain both physical tickets and online tickets 


Are you planning to attend any of those? Please, let us know in the comments!

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