Top 15 influencers in e-commerce 2021

Today, we want to talk about something other than pricing strategies and show you our list of top e-commerce influencers you ought to follow in 2021. We’ve gathered a list of 15 influencers who talk about diverse aspects of running an e-commerce business. If you work in e-commerce, we bet you will find their experience helpful in your everyday work.

We have carefully selected influencers who have a lot of expertise in various aspects and online trade sectors. The list is composed in order of the number of subscribers or followers (typically on Facebook or Twitter). We would like to congratulate everyone included and thank them for their hard work! 

 So, who’s on our list?

Top e-commerce influencers to follow in 2021


Marsha Collier

Twitter followers: 238,100

Marsha is one of the Forbes Top 10 Futurist authors. She’s published at least 40 books, including two of her bestsellers: “The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More” and “Starting an eBay Business For Dummies”. Today, together with Marc Cohen, she runs an online podcast Marsha Collier & Marc Cohen Techradio by Computer and Technology Radio where they talk about e-commerce and online marketing. This technology podcast gets 30,000 downloads per month! Twitter is Marsha’s primary social media channel. However, she also has almost 10,000 followers on LinkedIn.


Tobias Lütke

Twitter followers: 190,500

Tobias “Tobi” Lütke is a German-Canadian billionaire entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce platforms. According to Forbes, Tobias began developing his own e-commerce platform after he and his friend tried to open an online snowboard shop but couldn’t find decent software to do so. Tobias runs a successful Twitter profile, where you can follow him. When it comes to his blog, there’s one, but it hasn’t been updated since December 2019.



Ezra Firestone:

Facebook followers: 61,646

The founder of Smart Marketer Inc. His company owns and manages e-commerce stores that generate over $20 million in yearly revenue. On his blog, Ezra provides free content via weekly blog posts, emails, and Facebook Live broadcasts that help you develop every facet of your online business. He also offers a wide range of premium courses, including email marketing, Google Ads, coaching, and project management.


Richard-LazazzeraRichard Lazazerra: A Better Lemonade Stand

Subscribers: 30,238
Facebook followers: 7,132

Richard has quite impressive experience in e-commerce. For several years, he worked for Shopify in their Growth Team. In early 2015, Richard decided to devote his time to A Better Lemonade Stand website which, since then, has grown to one of the most comprehensive online resources and most active communities of e-commerce entrepreneurs in the world. His blog currently has over 250,000 monthly readers. You will find an extensive knowledge base on Richard’s blog concerning building, launching, and growing an online store. He also offers some valuable materials in his own online store, where you can purchase, for instance, a 52-week marketing plan.



Steve Chou:

Facebook followers: 21,910

Steve’s blog “My Wife Quit Her Job” is an educational blog and podcast that teaches others how to sell products online. It’s based on the real story of their family. Steve’s wife decided to leave her full-time job to spend more time with family and pursue personal goals. Her own online business was the best way to tick both these boxes. Today, Steve offers a mini-course for aspiring online entrepreneurs on how to develop a niche e-commerce website in 5 easy steps. You can download it for free from his website. Steve talks about making money online, running an e-commerce business, Amazon, and different online business models on his blog.


Steve Hutt:

Twitter followers: 20,000

Steve Hutt is a startup founder and a Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus. Steve runs an e-commerce blog and podcast for every Shopify store owner. On his blog, you will find fascinating materials concerning customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. He also talks about online branding, SEO, and the multichannel model. His podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play Music. Steven has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and 15,000+ followers on LinkedIn.



Alan Storm:

Twitter followers: 7,596

Alan calls himself a programmer and semi-successful “entrepreneur by circumstances “. He’s a real influencer and expert in Magento web design, so if your store runs on this platform, he’s the best person to follow. He also runs an online store, where he offers online products and plugins that help Magento-based store owners work more effectively. On his blog, Alan tackles various tech-related subjects concerning Magento, modern JavaScript, Laravel, modern PHP, Orocrm, Python, and Drupal.


Tim Peter:

Twitter followers: 6,037

Tim helps companies put the web to work to grow their businesses. He has worked since 1995 developing innovative e-commerce and internet marketing programs across multiple industries. Today, he runs Tim Peter & Associates, a full-service e-commerce and internet marketing consulting company. On his blog, Tim talks about digital transformation, e-commerce and business strategies, as well as the future of marketing and sales. 


Connor Gillivan:

Facebook followers: 5,399

Connor started running businesses when he was 16 years old and has scaled two companies to a $10 million+ yearly run rate since. Currently, he manages (as a CMO) an online marketplace comprising top freelancers in e-commerce, digital marketing, and web development. On his blog, Connor is concentrated primarily on traffic generation, SEO, and various business models. If you are interested in Connor’s projects, visit,, and

andrew-youderianAndrew Youderian: eCommerce Fuel

Subscribers: 1,000+

Facebook followers: 3,680

Andrew’s eCommerce Fuel is an online community for 7-figure plus e-commerce store owners that helps them grow their businesses while building deep relationships with other community members. Currently, his community has over 1,000 members. Today, eCommerce Fuel consists of:

  • 400+ podcasts
  • E-commerce trends reports
  • A community of experienced e-commerce owners who help each other and support their endeavors.

Bear in mind, however, that Andre’s platform is exclusively for experienced and wealthy companies. No freshmen allowed. eCommerce Fuel helps you grow your business (without using Amazon), particularly by building secure traffic sources that you own and control.


Drew Sanocki:

Facebook followers: 2,071

Drew founded his first company, Design Public, soon after receiving M.B.A. from Stanford, and grew it into one of the premier online design retailers. Today, Drew runs AutoAnything and Empire Growth Group. He’s also a Chief Nerd at, where he shares advice on growing an online business. At NerdMarketing, you will also find a podcast with e-commerce data-driven strategies.



Mike Jackness:

Subscribers: 2,000+

Facebook followers: 1,767

Mike owns and runs Terran LLC, a San Diego-based company that operates several seven-figure brands, including IceWraps, ColorIt, WildBaby, Tactical, and more. Along with Dave Bryant, he runs an Ecomcrew blog where they talk about growing your e-commerce business, primarily on Amazon. Mike helps develop profitable products and niches, import products from China, and sell and promote products on Amazon. And there’s a free live webinar as well.

Gretta van Riel: Hey Influencers

Facebook followers: 1,665

Gretta founded her first startup, SkinnyMe Tea (SMT), at the age of 22 with $24 in the bank. She currently runs an influencer marketing platform called Hey Influencers, which helps link and grow relationships between brands and social media influencers. Greta manages 4 ‘social first’ e-commerce startups with over 16 million combined followers on Instagram across accounts.

Nathan Hirsch

Facebook followers: 2,476

Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring, managing freelancers, and e-commerce. Today, he works with Connor Gillivan as a co-founder of, and a CEO of Nathan communicates primarily via his Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also listen to his podcasts.


Tracey Wallace

LinkedIn followers: 3,000+

Tracey is the Director of Marketing at MarketerHire and the founder of Doris Sleep. Previously she was the Global Editor-in-Chief at BigCommerce, where she launched the company’s first online conference. Here is Tracey’s blog on BigCommerce. And here, you can find her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  Tracey frequently publish podcasts. She promotes them on LinkedIn, for example, here


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