WooCommerce Integrations – the best way to boost your sales

Are you operating a WordPress-based online store and seeking ways to boost sales? One effective approach is to explore external integrations for WooCommerce. In the following text, we’ll introduce you to a range of systems designed to enhance the vitality of your business.

WooCommerce Integrations: The Key Ingredient for a Profitable WordPress Shop

Ease of use and the low cost of running an online shop are the hallmarks that make WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin the world’s second most popular platform for e-commerce.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand that building a profitable WP-based business relies heavily on leveraging external integrations for WooCommerce. It is through the capabilities offered by these extensions that you can unlock the full potential of this platform and turn it into a source of substantial sales.

In essence, WooCommerce integrations empower you to:

  • Optimize the cost of order processing.
  • Provide the payment methods that customers expect.
  • Expand your customer base.
  • Disseminate marketing content effectively.
  • Enhance your shop’s visibility on social media.
  • Manage sales and monitor prices, not only within your shop but also in comparison to your competitors.

In the sections below, we will delve into the benefits of each integration type.

WooCommerce Integrations: Payment methods your customers expect

Modern e-commerce customers are savvy internet users, well-informed about the various payment options available to them. As a result, it’s crucial to have integrations with payment service providers offering an extensive range of payment methods for their purchases.

The list of methods mentioned above continues to expand with each passing year. Therefore, it is undoubtedly beneficial to explore companies that provide the following payment options:

  • Credit and debit cards: For years, people have regarded card payments as a trusted payment method for online purchases. It is a must-have payment method for your shop.
  • Bank Transfers: Some e-commerce customers prefer bank transfers outside of the traditional payment gateway. To accommodate them, it’s important to enable manual transfers for their purchases.
  • Mobile payments: People from all over the world have come to love mobile payments. So you need to make payments available with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • PayPal: this is a globally recognized service, and offering it as a payment option in your store is highly recommended.
  • Buy Now Pay Later: If you’re aiming to boost sales through WooCommerce integrations, it’s crucial to offer the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) model in your online store. This innovative payment method allows customers to make purchases with the convenience of deferred payments, significantly enhancing their shopping experience.

You can determine the payment methods most popular with your target audience by reviewing various e-commerce reports.

Popular online payment service providers for WooCommerce stores

Each year, an increasing number of companies offer payment systems for online shops. When searching for the right provider, it’s important to consider that implementing such a service typically involves paying a commission to the operator for each completed transaction. It’s advisable to factor in this cost when selecting a provider.

In terms of specific companies providing payment solutions for WooCommerce, you can explore the offerings of the following:

  • Stripe: this is among the most widely used online payment service providers. Integrating their payment methods into a WooCommerce-based shop is highly recommended, with the plugin readily available in the WordPress repository.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a popular choice for payments worldwide. Integrating it into your WooCommerce shop is essential.

Self-testing of payment integrations for WooCommerce is essential. Various factors may lead you to choose a different provider that better suits your needs.

Source: https://paypal.com/

WooCommerce Integrations: Time Savings with Warehouse and Marketplace Automation

Do you like to manually add products to your shop? It’s a real ordeal. And looking at the technological solutions available today, it’s also a waste of time. If you work with wholesalers and sell on marketplaces, you need to use a tool that integrates WooCommerce with external sites. With this type of solution, you will connect your shop with the wholesaler and the marketplace in question and automatically display goods in any distribution channel.

What’s more, by running a dropshipping-based shop, the inventory in your shop will update regularly. There will be no awkward situations in which a customer buys a product from you that just happens to be out of stock at the wholesaler.

Curious about dropshipping? Check this article: Dropshipping – What Is It?

There are several systems on the market that support WooCommerce sellers to integrate with wholesalers. The most popular of these is the BaseLinker software. Its main power lies in its ability to manage sales from all channels in a single application window.

If you operate on Allegro, Amazon, or another marketplace, you can manage all your products in the BaseLinker panel. Of course, the system also allows you to automatically list products from your WooCommerce shop on any sales portal.
A second popular solution for integrating WooCommerce with wholesalers is the Dropshipping Import Products for WooCommerce – with this, you can automatically import all products from specific wholesalers into your shop. The extension gives you the ability to update your stock on a regular basis.

Source: stripe.com

Increase sales on your WooCommerce shop with marketing integrations

By integrating your WooCommerce shop with marketing tools, you can effectively build brand awareness, increase user engagement, and drive users to purchase. 

An important marketing move is to link your WooCommerce shop to your email marketing software. This allows you to build an email database, and send newsletters and special bonuses to users – these activities can ultimately increase sales.

There is a wide array of email marketing tools available on the market, both free and paid, that you can seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce. Some of the most popular options include:

  • MailerLite – this software is great for beginning your email marketing adventure. It allows you to send free mailings to up to 1,000 users. Once this number is exceeded, you can use the paid version. With MaliterLite, you can easily create a newsletter to send to your shop’s customers.
  • MailChimp – the software, thanks to its clear interface, creates a good starting point for the adventure of email marketing on WooCommerce. Here, artificial intelligence also supports users in improving their email marketing activities.

WooCommerce integrations to increase social media presence

Social selling is a growing trend, and if you’re using WooCommerce, integrating with social media platforms is essential. For this purpose, a tool that streamlines the integration of your shop with various social media platforms should be a top priority. BaseLinker, as mentioned earlier, is an ideal solution. With it, you can effortlessly display products from your shop on your company’s Facebook page.

Additionally, it’s a smart move to showcase social media content on your shop’s page. You can achieve this with the help of plugins designed to embed social media feeds from your profiles onto your WordPress website. One such tool for this task is the Smash Balloon plugin.

Source: https://smashballoon.com/

It’s a smart strategy to enhance user engagement by enabling them to effortlessly share your site’s content on their social media profiles. The Shareaholic plugin is a valuable tool for this purpose. With this extension, you can easily incorporate attractive sharing buttons throughout your shop, empowering users to share your content on their own profiles.

WooCommerce Integrations: Price monitoring for the WooCommerce shop

When operating a WordPress-based online store, it’s essential to have tools that enable you to efficiently manage not only your shop’s prices but also those of your competitors. Dealavo software is an invaluable resource for accomplishing this task, offering advanced price monitoring capabilities for WooCommerce. With this solution, you can monitor the pricing strategies of businesses in your vicinity and make data-driven adjustments to your product pricing, ensuring it remains enticing to your customers.

What’s more, Dealavo has developed a dedicated WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with your shop. If you encounter any challenges during the integration process, the Dealavo team is ready to assist you. Simply schedule a consultation with one of their experts, and they’ll handle the integration for you!
Unfortunately, currently, the plug-in is available for the Polish users only.

The best integrations for WooCommerce to boost sales (summary)

Hopefully, you can already see the importance of reaching out to external applications to support your shop’s sales on WordPress. Please note that the above WooCommerce integrations are provided as examples – you can also try other solutions and choose the ones that work best for your shop. You can find Freelance E-commerce Developers here.