Dealavo Good Prices Badge for online stores with competitive offers

What is the Dealavo Good Prices Badge?

The Dealavo Good Prices Badge is an accolade bestowed by Dealavo to online stores that offer exceptionally favourable prices to customers. The badge is awarded once a year, and this year’s 2024 edition marks the fourth consecutive year.

Thanks to the badge, consumers can easily recognize that they are dealing with a store where they can expect competitive offers.

What does the Dealavo Good Prices Badge mean for store customers?

The Good Prices Badge gives customers confidence that they are buying from a store offering attractive prices in the market. This allows them to have greater trust in the seller and avoid checking the cost of each product on a price comparison tool.

What conditions must a store meet to receive the Dealavo Good Prices Badge?

The Good Prices Badge is awarded once a year. Nominated online stores are selected based on an analysing millions of offers on major e-commerce platforms. To receive the Dealavo Good Prices Badge, a store must have competitive prices for the majority of the analysed assortment.

This data is checked using Dealavo’s price monitoring tool. To receive the badge, a store must demonstrate prices lower than the market average for at least 60% of the analysed assortment.

How can I use the Good Prices Badge?

The online store is informed about receiving the badge via email, and after feedback, all materials that can be used for marketing purposes are sent.

Ideas for using the Good Prices Badge:

  1. Place the Badge on your website – this way, you communicate to consumers that your prices are more attractive than competitors’ prices.
  2. Send a newsletter to your subscriber base – you surely have a list of email addresses of people who have subscribed to your newsletter. Awarding the Badge is a great opportunity to tell them that your store is the best choice.
  3. Send an email campaign to those who have already made a purchase – the Badge will show them that they have already made a good choice and they will be more willing to return to your store. And as we all know, the best customer is a loyal customer.
  4. Post information on your social media – if you have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, inform your loyal fans about receiving the Badge. This will help build long-term relationships.

How to place the badge on a website?

Placing the Badge on a website or in other marketing materials does not incur any costs. If you would like to use it, please contact us via email at Sandra Dubin’s project manager’s address –, and we will send you instructions and graphic files in appropriate formats.

About Dealavo

Dealavo is a company offering e-commerce analytics solutions for online stores. We specialise in price monitoring and automatic re-pricing. We provide our clients with high-quality data (almost 99% accuracy), which helps them make informed business decisions.

Dealavo monitors marketplaces, price comparison websites, and individual websites in multiple markets.

Our re-pricing module is a game-changer for many online stores. Smart rules and clear alerts help manage even very large product portfolios, enabling the identification of sales opportunities (Dealavo shows which products you sell too cheaply and which ones too expensively). As a result, some of our clients generate margins higher by 9–21%.


Where can I find Badge files?

If you want to place the Badge on your website or use it in other marketing materials, please contact us via email at Sandra Dubin’s project manager’s address – We will send you instructions and graphics in appropriate formats.

Can online stores that are not Dealavo clients receive the Good Prices Badge?

Yes – having the badge does not mean that a given store uses Dealavo’s price tracking or price automation tool. The analysis, on which the badges were awarded, was conducted for stores advertising on major e-commerce platforms.

My store has competitive prices, but did not receive the Badge – why?

First, it’s worth verifying whether the store’s offer is genuinely competitive in the market – a good approximation is signing up for a tool demo, which allows you to check, among other things, how often the store’s prices are more competitive than the market average.

It’s also worth checking if the email informing about receiving the Badge did not “disappear” in the mailbox.

If these two steps do not dispel doubts – we encourage you to contact us via email at

Here is the link to the General Terms and Conditions for the award and use of the “Dealavo Good Prices Seal” and “Dealavo Good Prices Certificate”: [LINK]