Reports on e-commerce – what besides prices is worth monitoring?


Reports with market data are one of the important results of conducting e-commerce monitoring. It is very important for clients that the data received is not only complete and correct but also presented in a form ready for analysis. Therefore, we offer both the option to automatically prepare and quickly download data reports and wide possibilities of adapting them to individual customer needs.


How are price monitoring reports created?

The form of reports is very important for clients who want to efficiently integrate the data from monitoring with their processes, templates, and programs. That is why we make every effort to ensure that the reports we provide meet their business needs as accurately as possible.

The report preparation process begins with an interview during which we determine:

  • what data is to be included in the report
  • whether the report will be prepared once or regularly (on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis). Read about how often you should check product prices online.
  • data delivery format – the most popular extension is xlsx (Excel file), but we can also provide
    csv, xml or other formats as per customer’s request
  • the form of submitting the report – most often we place them in a dedicated tab of the Dealavo platform, on our or client’s ftp server or send them by email.

Depending on the client’s awareness and knowledge, we present them with our recommendations or adapt to their requirements. We also understand the changing expectations and needs – that’s why during the contract the client can always let their Customer Success Manager know that they would like to introduce changes in the way of reporting.


Price reports – configuration options

Reports created on the Dealavo platform have extensive configuration options. We can include in them:

  • any number of bookmarks
  • segmentation by type of stores, channels, companies or type of products
  • charts created based on data obtained
  • representation of percentage increases and decreases, e.g. margins or prices
  • photos of monitored products.

In this way, we can create both simple statements and extensive, graphically advanced reports containing up to several dozen tabs.


E-commerce data – what can we report?

  1. Prices for individual products, brands, channels, and stores.
  2. Promotional banners – we report the time, frequency, and hours of their display, their types, and promoted brands. You can read more about promotion monitoring in this article.
  3. Product availability – in the report we can include how often a given product is unavailable, whether a product card exists in a given store, whether the product is available in an offline salon, is it on display, has low or high stock, and check availability in a specific price and specific stores.
  4. Monitoring of reviews – we track opinions in e-shops and price comparison websites and collect ratings for a given product as well as the number and content of reviews (both the client’s and competitive products)
  5. Cross selling – we report ways of combining products into sets with individual sellers
  6. Monitoring of search engines of the e-shop – we indicate which products appear first after entering a specific password in the search engine. For example, the brand that appears first after entering the password “TV” most likely pays for positioning in a given store. Such information may be of interest to both competitive brands and stores.
  7. Assortment – we download all products from a given category available in the selected store along with their names, prices, and properties. Based on these data, it can be determined, among others, whether a given product is available on permanent listing or in-out. We collect data from both websites and store applications.
  8. Offers from marketplaces and comparison websites (e.g. Amazon, Idealo) – in the reports we present a reliable and in-depth analysis of the offers including shipping methods and costs, information on possible Prime shipment, and product availability.

If you would like to learn more about monitoring and reporting options, please contact us. Our experts will provide you with information on available solutions that will help you make the most of the price monitoring tools.


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