Customer Success in price monitoring.
How to ensure and measure it?


Every new project or change in the organisation presents a challenge. When our clients think about implementing a price monitoring tool, they frequently wonder how it will affect their processes and day-to-day work. We provide our dedicated teams to support them and ensure successful implementation of the new tool and very efficient price management.


Price monitoring tool – onboarding

Our cooperation with the client begins with the onboarding process. Initially, we try to do our best to get to know the client’s requirements and goals. We also enquire about the future users of the platform and about the positions and responsibilities of such persons. This way, we can accordingly adjust the introductory training and include use cases that will be most relevant to the particular employees. We also ask the clients to prepare the list of products to be monitored so that we can customise our offers. During the first interview, we also provide the client with a dedicated consultant, who will be the client’s contact person throughout the term of the contract.

Approximately two weeks after the first training, we contact the client again to find out if the provided tools are sufficient. If not, we implement additional modules, such as setting up e-mail notifications (e.g. if the brand is monitoring retailers who offer its products at less than the recommended price) or suitable form of reporting.


Price monitoring platform – ongoing customer service

Dealavo has a highly qualified team of Customer Success Management experts. The clients can always contact them with any question or problem. The dedicated consultant is responsible for the cooperation with the client, implementation of improvements and organisation of additional training. Once a year, we also perform a thorough revision of the client’s needs in order to adapt our service to the changing expectations – we proactively inform the client about improvement opportunities, present new functions of the tool and propose training in areas that may require some changes. This way, we can always provide high-quality support.


How to check if our cooperation is successful?

  1. We monitor the activity of our clients. If we notice that the client is not actively using the platform, we try to find out the reason for this and re-examine the client’s needs.
  2. We conduct surveys. We ask the clients if, on a scale of 1 to 10, they would recommend Dealavo to their partners or associates to check the level of satisfaction with our service.
  3. We support the clients through knowledge. If the client is not sure how to use the tool and what functions might be useful, we share our knowledge base prepared by our experts. With our advice, the client can get to know various methods of successful price management, including dynamic pricing.
  4. We inform the clients about new features. We regularly send a newsletter with information about all changes in our platform that could be useful and interesting.


Price monitoring – how do we measure the results?

The way we measure the performance of the implemented monitoring tool depends on the client’s objective. Sometimes, the clients do not have any specific success factors, and they would simply like to have a better idea of the market. Some clients, however, directly communicate that they are seeking to improve their margin, increase profit or maintain good relations with their partners. That is why we have to consider each case individually and help the client in adjusting the business effects of the implemented measures using custom reports.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the possible ways for the implementation of price monitoring. Our experts will tell you about the available options, present the way our platform functions and explain all aspects of the onboarding process.


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