How to start price monitoring? Step by step implementation


Implementation of a new tool in your daily work may seem complicated at first. In reality, however, it is very easy to start using the price monitoring platform, and it also brings many benefits – regular observation of prices on the market is very helpful in making business decisions, both to brands and online stores.

When you select your e-commerce monitoring tool, the key thing is to make sure that the received information is of the highest quality – decisions made based on faulty data can only have negative and costly consequences. At Dealavo, we put great emphasis on the quality of the presented data, and we also offer constant support at every step of the way. Let’s now take a look at how we are going to implement our platform, step-by-step.

1. Defining your goals and expectations.

Our work with new clients begins with an interview during which we can establish what their objectives are and what functions they need. Sometimes, only price monitoring is required, but there are also many clients who need information like out-of-stocks or product positioning in e-shops’ search engines and individual categories. In the case of online stores, we also propose the implementation of price automation, in addition to e-commerce monitoring.

2. Preparing the list of products and stores to be monitored.

The next step is to determine which websites should be included in the monitoring process. Usually, this means the most problematic stores, where the prices change frequently or where they are particularly low. We can monitor the websites of individual online stores, entire marketplaces, such as Amazon or Google Shopping, or comparison shopping sites, e.g. Idealo.

3. Setting up the account.

After making all the arrangements and signing the contract, we prepare an account for you. Teams of qualified developers and technical support specialists available on site never stop working on improving the platform. The data are subject to double verification: after being collected from the websites, it is matched using Machine Learning algorithms and then verified manually by the Quality Assurance team. Our work on your account does not stop when we hand it over – our efforts continue to make sure that you always receive top-quality data.

4. Onboarding training.

After the account is created, your dedicated Customer Success Manager prepares an onboarding training customised to your needs, which can be carried out in a physical location or online. During the workshops, we will show your users how our platform works, present specific tabs, filters and e-mail alerts and teach them how to use the information and download reports to make the most of the tool.

5. Constant support.

All of our clients can expect support from a dedicated Consultant, who will stay in touch at all times to routinely respond to any questions and requests. With our Consultant, you will be able to use the platform to its fullest potential, and all of your problems will be resolved quickly and effectively. Our team is also ready to share their knowledge and give you additional instructions and information.

As you see, the implementation of the Dealavo price monitoring tool is not complicated, and you can expect full support, technical and otherwise, at every step. If you are still wondering if you should use the price monitoring platform, contact us – we can dispel all your doubts and explain every detail of the implementation process.


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