The European Expansion Accelerator: What is the newest Amazon expansion solution and how it works?

The days of relying on domestic markets for ecommerce growth are coming to a close. As online shopping becomes commonplace, companies looking to stay ahead of the competition must begin strategically expanding their operations into new international territories. Amazon, one of the true innovators in this field, has recently unveiled its European Expansion Accelerator program – aiming to provide businesses with an efficient and affordable solution to expand successfully into Europe. In this blog post, we’ll deep dive into what Amazon’s newest program is all about and explain precisely how it works for retailers seeking a piece of the billion-dollar pie of European e-commerce.

This text will tell you:

  • what EEA really is,
  • how EEA works,
  • why EEA is beneficial for retailers,

which e-commerce tools will enhance your experience with EEA.

So, let’s see how this advanced solution can reshape your cross-border selling experience on Amazon’s vast European marketplace.

The European Expansion Accelerator – what is it?

Amazon’s European Expansion Accelerator (EEA) is a revolutionary program designed to simplify and expedite the process for sellers to expand their businesses across multiple European stores.

By utilizing this innovative solution, sellers can effortlessly list their products on various Amazon European and UK stores, opening up access to millions of potential customers.

How does the European Expansion Accelerator work?

The European Expansion Accelerator (EEA) operates as an automated expansion solution, streamlining the complex process of venturing into multiple European markets.


It achieves this by:

  • interconnecting standalone Amazon tools,
  • effectively eliminating the need for sellers to navigate multiple applications,
  • significantly reducing the time needed for expanding businesses in EU markets,

leveraging Amazon tools like “List-Once-Sell Globally” and “Build International Listings.”

The European Expansion Accelerator – benefits for retailers

The European Expansion Accelerator offers an array of compelling benefits for retailers seeking to explore cross-border selling opportunities.

With EEA it should take not more than three days to:

  • register an account,
  • set up listings and shipping data,
  • automatically customize catalogs,
  • manage your product eligibility checks.


Time and resource savings

By automating the expansion process, the EEA significantly reduces the time and effort required for sellers to enter multiple European markets.

This newfound efficiency allows sellers to focus on other critical aspects of their business, such as product development and customer engagement.

Expanding business reach

With the EEA, sellers gain seamless access to nine EU stores, substantially expanding their market reach and granting them access to millions of potential customers. This increased market presence can lead to heightened brand visibility and new revenue streams.


Automated scalability

The EEA empowers sellers to choose their expansion strategy, offering the flexibility to enter one store at a time or simultaneously expand across all nine EU and UK stores. This scalable approach ensures sellers can tailor their expansion to align with their business goals and resources.

Diversified revenue streams

With the EEA, sellers can tap into multiple European markets, reducing reliance on a single marketplace and potentially mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations or geopolitical events. By diversifying revenue streams, sellers can build a more resilient business model.

The European Expansion Accelerator – how will it affect pricing?

As sellers leverage the European Expansion Accelerator to enter new European markets, the program’s impact on pricing is a topic of significant interest.

With more sellers offering their products on Amazon EU stores, the marketplace’s product range is expected to expand, leading to increased competition among sellers. The program’s expansion opportunities and streamlined entry process will influence pricing strategies and competition, leading to both benefits and challenges for sellers and customers.

Attractive Offers and Heightened Competition

The EEA’s expansion of sellers into multiple EU stores may result in an expanded product range, providing customers with more choices and options. As sellers compete to capture market share, they may introduce attractive pricing offers and promotional deals to entice customers, creating a win-win situation for consumers seeking value for their purchases.

Advertising Expenses

As sellers expand their presence across multiple European markets, they may need to allocate more resources to advertising and marketing efforts to ensure visibility and brand awareness. Running ads on Amazon can become costly, especially in competitive verticals, potentially impacting overall profitability for some sellers.

Customs and Regulatory Costs

The EEA’s expansion into EU stores may expose sellers to additional costs related to customs duties and compliance with regulatory requirements. For instance, sellers considering UK expansion must navigate post-Brexit customs changes, which can be complex and add expenses to the selling process.

Optimize your Amazon prices with Dealavo

Dealavo’s functionalities can greatly help sellers to harness the potential of the European Expansion Accelerator and thrive in the dynamic Amazon marketplace.

Dealavo empowers sellers with essential insights into market trends, competitor pricing, and demand signals, enabling them to optimize their pricing strategies effectively.

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Price Monitoring Across Multiple Markets

With the European Expansion Accelerator opening doors to multiple European stores, sellers need to monitor their prices across these markets efficiently. Dealavo allows sellers to track and compare their prices in different EU stores, ensuring they remain competitive in each market and adapt pricing strategies as needed.

Competitor Price Tracking

Understanding the pricing strategies of competitors is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. Dealavo’s competitor price tracking feature provides sellers with real-time insights into how their competitors price their products, helping them devise effective pricing strategies to stay ahead.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a powerful tool that empowers sellers to automatically adjust their prices based on market conditions, competitor activity, and demand signals. Dealavo’s dynamic pricing feature allows sellers to set rules and algorithms that determine optimal pricing to maximize sales and profits.


Pricing Strategy Optimization

Dealavo’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enable sellers to analyze pricing data comprehensively. With this information, sellers can fine-tune their pricing strategies, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their pricing for better performance in European markets.

Pricing Alerts and Notifications

Staying on top of price changes and market movements is crucial in a fast-paced environment like Amazon. Dealavo’s pricing alerts and notifications feature keeps sellers informed about significant price changes in their market, allowing them to respond quickly and proactively.

The European Expansion Accelerator: conclusions

Amazon’s European Expansion Accelerator (EEA) marks a significant advancement for sellers seeking to explore cross-border selling opportunities in Amazon’s European stores.

What’s more, as sellers venture into new markets, optimizing pricing strategies becomes crucial, and Dealavo’s price tracking and monitoring services may be of great help there. Pairing the EEA features with the data-driven pricing decisions facilitated by Dealavo, sellers can unlock the full potential of European markets.