Business during coronavirus

Coronavirus, COVID-19 is recently a very popular topic. This virus is similar to the flu, but it is more widespread and more contagious. The phenomenon strikes panic and it is more fueled by the media. Because of the pandemic, Allegro retailers have the time of their life offering face masks and disinfectants like liquids and gels. In today’s article, you will learn about the analysis of actions and sales statistics of goods that are dedicated to fighting against the virus.

Face mask for virus protection

Masks that are protecting against viruses are made with a special material or polymer that makes it possible to breathe normally but stop viruses, bacteria, and germs so reduce the risk of infection.

According to data provided by Allegro, the face mask sales in January was around 700 PLN/month. At the end of the month when such products started to disappear from pharmacies, shops, and markets, the daily turnover on Allegro increased to 500 thousand PLN. It is a fivefold increase.

From the second half of January till the end of February, a lot of retailers were not able to profit despite the high price increase and demand increase – because of the lack of availability of those products. Despite the stock up and price drop at the end of February, the daily sales of face masks still keep around 2 million PLN which makes it a good business that can be done on the Allegro platform.


In the case of disinfectants such as liquids and gels at the end of February, the situation is analog to the face mask’s situation from the end of January. During a few days, the daily turnaround rose from 50 thousand PLN to 6 million PLN. The average price increased twice from 18,99 PLN to 40 PLN and this contributed to a decrease in the availability of the disinfectants despite the increase at the beginning.

When analyzing the situation it can turn out to be similar to a face mask situation. The disinfectants can be fully sold out and become unavailable to the time when they are restocked. With the increase in turnover in this category of products the availability on the market decreases. In terms of face mask the situation is opposite – with the increase of the stock, the price falls.

At the moment, the disinfecting liquids and gels can be a more profitable investment. In the case of face masks, a lot of retailers are surprised by the sudden pandemic outbreak. Because of this, they haven’t a chance to get rich having the sales boom. It is worth deriving conclusions and thinking about increasing the stock of disinfectants and to optimize its prices.

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