How to prepare for Amazon launch in Poland?

Amazon, the global online sales leader, in some respects differs from Polish Allegro, the largest platform of this type in the CEE region. On Amazon, there are no auctions, and only registered companies are sellers. Recently, however, there are voices in the media that the American giant will soon start operating on our market. And although their plans may be postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot exclude the fact that Amazon will soon appear in Polish e-commerce. How can you prepare for this?

Amazon and Allegro – how do they differ?

The main difference between the Polish and American leaders is that there are no auctions or products by individuals on Amazon. It also offers slightly wider possibilities of buying sponsored offers and also receiving the Buy Box, which we wrote about in our article: How to effectively monitor prices on Amazon? “. It is clear that Allegro is trying to keep up with its western counterpart by introducing the title of Super Seller for the owners of top auctions and the “Smart” delivery option modeled on the American “Prime”.

Amazon in Poland – what does it look like now?

At the moment, there is no platform – customers from Poland are redirected to the German website, which has the Polish language version. Purchases coming from thia country are, however, monitored and sales made by Polish companies are growing in importance, also thanks to the dedicated platform for the Polish sellers. Everything indicates that Amazon may indeed soon be even more open to the Polish customer.

Is it worth selling on the Polish Amazon?

Experience in Allegro will certainly be useful for sale on Amazon. The American platform offers sellers a wide range of offer presentation options. Auction owners can easily reach millions of buyers across Europe and take advantage of the various promotion and logistics service options.

The experience gained in the local marketplace is very valuable. However, it may not be enough. To effectively sell on this type of platform, it is crucial to obtain information about the competition, prices and promotions carried out, both on Amazon itself and on competitive websites – for example, Allegro or Google Shopping. Knowledge about prices and strategies of competitors on the market helps in developing the right pricing policy and promotional strategy, which is necessary to optimize the profit on sales on the Internet.

Amazon in Poland – how to prepare?

To help sellers start selling on Amazon, at Dealavo we’ve created the Counter Price tool for monitoring prices on e-commerce platforms. It allows for fully automated and efficient price monitoring in aggregators, such as Allegro, Ceneo, Google Shopping or Amazon.

If you have any questions related to price monitoring, please contact us. We’ll show you how our platform works and its features that will help you succeed in online sales. And for all customers who start using Counter Price, we offer monitoring of the Polish Amazon right after its premiere for free – ask us about this opportunity and get ready to start operations on this platform so that from the first weeks to sell with maximum profit.


Start monitoring prices online!

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