Empik marketplace: What do you need to know about it?

Marketplaces are undoubtedly more and more popular, and this trend is clearly visible all over the world, including Poland. We wrote a lot about it in our article about marketplaces and auction websites. The popularity of this business model caused many companies to build their own marketplaces. Empik, a Polish commercial chain selling books, international press, and media products, is one of them. What do you need to know when it comes to cooperation with this platform?

Many people don’t know that, but Empik’s history began quite a long time ago, in 1967, when KMPiK (International Press and Book Club) was established. The company has gone through some major changes since. One of the latest revolutions happened in 2017 when the owner of the Empik brand decided to launch their own marketplace.

If you run an e-commerce business selling products such as:

  • Press and books
  • Music and movies
  • Games and consoles
  • Toys and school articles
  • And even sporting equipment and home appliances

Probably Empik Marketplace is a good idea to expand your sales and develop a new sales channel. After all, the chain brags about having 2.5 million products in their offer and the same number of daily visits in their store.

Empik Marketplace – the offer for sellers

First off, we need to emphasize that Empik sets some specific requirements for potential business partners. On their website, you see clear information that the marketplace offer is for medium and large businesses only. The second condition relates to your e-commerce presence. Currently, Empik does not offer the possibility to sell products via their brick-and-mortar stores. Moreover, before signing the dotted line, they will also verify the quality of your products and online reviews.

On the upside, Empik offers some spectacular numbers:

  • Over 55 million online users
  • 2.5 million daily visits
  • 2 million mobile app users
  • Over 1 million orders placed via Marketplace

This means that you get instant access to a significant and active target group. Furthermore, if you decide to participate in their Empik Premium program, the chain will cover all delivery costs, and your products will be additionally distinguished.

Presenting offer in Empik Marketplace

Empik relies on a uniform brand image. Their Marketplace is not some separate entity. You could even say that from the customers’ perspective, it’s unnoticeable. Everything is kept within the Empik.com website. However, there is a dedicated subpage where users can browse all the highlighted offers within Marketplace. Below, you can see how such a product page looks:

There are just two negligible places where you can find out who the seller is and that the product you view is provided by a different company (we highlighted both these places with red boxes on that screen). This solution has pros and cons. On the upside, the customer won’t probably even notice that they buy something from another seller. Therefore, you can assume they will simply finish the order, being certain they buy from the company they know and value. On the downside, for you, as an e-commerce business owner, this means limited possibilities when it comes to building a positive image in this sales channel.

Empik Marketplace – Cooperation and costs

If you want to start a collaboration with Empik, you have to go through this four-step process:

  1. Read their terms of service and trade terms
  2. Fill in and send an online form (they will ask you for details concerning your business, bank account, contact, and offer)
  3. Wait for your application to be approved
  4. Once it’s done, you can start presenting your products on Empik.com

All the details and documents you need to get acquainted with are available here. Unfortunately, in order to work with Empik, you have to be a Polish company and communicate in Polish (there’s no English version available).

The settlement is based solely on commissions. There are no integration fees. The company doesn’t even charge anything for promoting your products! Each product category has its own commission limits, but they are not publicly available. You need to be accepted as a partner to get precise pricing.


Empik provides users with extensive integration options, including XML files, API, and the Mirakl dashboard. If your store is based on an external e-commerce platform, you can integrate it with Marketplace. Currently, the following platforms can be integrated: IdoSell, Magento, PrestaShop, BaseLinker, SkyShop, and several others.

Find out more about Dealavo & Idosell integrations.

Prices on Empik Marketplace

If you are planning to sell on Empik Marketplace, you should verify at what prices your competitors offer products on this marketplace. Thanks to this, you can easily verify whether the prices are lower or higher than in other sales channels and check how fierce the competition is. You can collect this data with a price monitoring platform – if you’re using Dealavo Counter Price, it’s now possible to add Empik Marketplace to your list of monitored websites.

Other sales channels

Without a doubt, Empik Marketplace is a good place for your company to expand sales, especially when you run a mature e-commerce business and you have vast experience and positive reviews. However, we’d like to show you some other options, which are also worth your attention.

You can read about them on our blog:

And if you’re looking for support concerning prices and their automation – drop us a line! Dealavo offers advanced solutions that can automatically adjust prices in your store so that they attract as many customers as possible. See how effective dynamic pricing can be!