How to choose a price monitoring vendor?

Price monitoring is a very important aspect of e-commerce sales and marketing. However, it may pose certain difficulties – regular checking of online prices requires plenty of perseverance, precision and commitment. This problem can be avoided if the entire process is automated using a price monitoring platform. Before you decide to implement such a tool, however, make sure to consider all the aspects critical to choosing the right vendor.


1. Solution to match your needs.

When choosing a price monitoring platform, the most important thing is to consider the type and scale of your business. For instance, large companies and corporations usually require advanced solutions with a large number of functions, such as conversion of product prices into different currencies and application views matching the position and duties of the manager (available in Dealavo). Before you make your choice, thoroughly analyse your own business situation and find a platform that best meets the goals and needs of your organisation. 


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2. High-quality data.

Price monitoring requires reliable and correct data – any errors may have a negative impact on strategic decisions that are vital to your company’s growth. Make sure to support this process using a high-tech platform to reduce the risk of errors. For instance, we at Dealavo use double verification of data. Firstly, it is gathered and checked by Machine Learning algorithms, and the second verification is carried out manually by our Quality Assurance team. This way, you can be certain to receive only top-quality data.


3. Helpful and efficient customer care.

When choosing the price monitoring platform, always select a provider that can support you through a dedicated Consultant. The Consultant will be familiar with your priorities and expectations and will stay in touch with you at all times to give you advice whenever you need it and help you with any problems.

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4. Flexibility and customisability.

The vendor should be able to be able to modify the platform so that it can match your needs even better. At Dealavo, we can offer you, for instance, the option of monitoring and comparing selected product groups, implementing individually designed add-ons and monitoring several markets at the same time. Our clients appreciate this because they can use a single, intuitive tool instead of having to look for other providers to offer them the functions they need.


5. In-house development team.

You should also check if the provider of your price monitoring platform has their own team of developers. In case of any technical issues, specialists available on site will be able to repair the problem immediately, without the need for outsourcing. This can significantly reduce the time required to implement changes, radically improving service quality. In Dealavo, our developers are constantly working on-site to improve the platform and create new functionalities. 

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