– get ready to sell in the Czech Republic

In the previous article on our blog, we talked about cross-border sales and how Allegro can help you reach more customers within the European Union. Today, we want to focus strictly on one European market – the Czech Republic, frequently referred to as Czechia. Allegro understands the potential of this market and wants to help you get there with your offer. Let’s see how they can help!

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country, full of forests and mountains, located in Central Europe. With slightly over 10 million inhabitants, it’s surely not one of the biggest European markets, but it doesn’t mean it’s not attractive!
Czech people are more and more active online, including online shopping. According to the last year’s European E-commerce Report 2022, the percentage of e-shoppers has dynamically increased over the past few years. Back in 2017, only 65% of Czech internet users were buying products online. In 2022, it was almost 90%:

According to Allegro, there are around 50,000 online stores in this country, and the average order placed on this platform exceeds 1,500 Czech Korunas (around 63 EUR).

Czech purchasing habits

According to Allegro, Czech customers like to place orders without creating an account. This, of course, causes some complications for the sellers (e.g., they cannot ask such a guest customer for a review), but it surely is convenient for the customers themselves. 

What about delivery and payments? Allegro instructs you to be prepared for the COD service. This acronym stands for cash on delivery. Over 80% of Czech e-shoppers use this method. Moreover, they want to pay using a debit/credit card, e.g., when getting their order from the parcel locker.

Why should you sell in the Czech Republic?

The shortest answer is to scale your business. Czechia may not be as profitable as Germany, but with Allegro, entering this market with your offer is relatively easy. And thanks to One Fulfillment by Allegro, you don’t even have to worry about logistics – Allegro will deal with this area of your business for you (if you want to know more, go back to the previous article, that’s linked in the introduction to this post).

Get ready to sell on

In May 2023, Allegro announced they are starting a new version of their marketplace – Since it’s still a novelty, many sellers who are potentially interested in this market would love to find out more. That’s why we decided to have a closer look at Below, you will find all the important information you need to know before you start offering your products to Czechs.


If you operate in the European Union, you have to think about taxes (especially VAT) first. Thankfully, there is a relatively easy solution called VAT OSS. It’s a streamlined VAT settlement procedure enabling you to pay this tax for cross-border sales in your country (provided your sales did not exceed 10,000 EUR in a given fiscal year). Consult your bookkeeper to find out whether you qualify for VAT OSS. You can also read more about this procedure here.


Although many Czechs speak English, people are usually more comfortable with buying in their native language. Allegro provides all the sellers that want to offer their products on with automated translations from Polish/English to Czech. This marketplace will help you translate everything, not just your listings but also messages you get from Czech customers (as well as your responses). This makes the process much more convenient for both sides of the transaction. And, naturally, you can save a lot of money on translating all of your listings to Czech.


In the “My Allegro” panel, you need to add delivery methods that apply to this market. You can also decide to opt for One Fulfillment by Allegro and almost forget about deliveries. Once your application is approved, you start working with Allegro when it comes to all the logistics-related issues in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Czechia, just like Poland, has its own currency – Czech Koruna (CZK). Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that. Once you add abroad delivery to your account, Allegro will enable you to provide prices in different currencies. If you want to do so automatically (calculating prices for hundreds of products can take some time), you can use Allegro’s currency converter to do that for you in a matter of seconds. This way, people browsing your offer in Poland will see prices in PLN (on, and people in the Czech Republic – in CZK (on

Depending on your bank account, you can accept payments normally to your EUR/PLN account; the bank will calculate the CZK rate automatically. You can also open a bank account in CZK and accept payments directly in this currency. In Poland, you can open a CZK account in Alior Bank, mBank, PKO Bank Polski, Citi Handlowy, and several others.

Two marketplaces or just one?

Allegro wants to be convenient for all users, both sellers and buyers. As a result, you can manage your Czech offer directly from your Polish/English dashboard on You don’t need to create two different offers, you can simply create Polish listings and publish some or all of them on the Czech website. Allegro will handle translation and currency automatically.

What about shipments? If you use the Ship with Allegro service, you can dispatch Czech parcels directly from your account. If you don’t, you need to talk to your carrier about shipping parcels to this country. Perhaps you’ll have to sign a new contract.

How to publish an offer on

As we’ve already mentioned, the whole process is streamlined – you don’t have to create a separate offer or separate listings. There are a few things to consider, though.

Edit your listings

Your listings need to be supplemented with a translation to the Czech language. And you need to add at least one delivery method to this country. Offers without these two boxes checked won’t show on

Within your listings, you should also see this new “offer availability” section, where you can check both Polish and Czech versions of Allegro. You can also do so in the “My Assortment” dashboard – both in the “offers” and “markets” tabs.

Allegro will also need to verify each offer to make sure it’s compliant with the Czech e-commerce market regulations (they slightly differ compared to Polish regulations). You can check that in the “My Assortment” tab. You will be notified about every discarded listing along with information on what needs to be done for your offer to be approved on


What you cannot sell in the Czech Republic?

Currently, Allegro does not allow the following types of listings:

  • From standard (not business) accounts
  • B2B offers
  • Charity offers
  • Auctions
  • Not linked to Allegro Product Catalog
  • Not allows for sales in the Czech Republic
  • Listed in product categories that are not available on

Once you have everything properly set, you don’t have to do anything else; Czech orders will be shown in the same place where you can find Polish orders.
Here, we just mentioned some of the most important formations. If you need more detailed guidelines, use this guide on Allegro’s website.

Dealavo – your ally in the Czech market

We hope this article helped you understand how works. If you want to sell your products there, you must remember several important aspects of your offer, especially prices. This is where our role begins. Dealavo is a price monitoring and dynamic pricing platform. We help our clients track, manage, and optimize prices in their online stores (whether they sell on marketplaces or in their own online stores).

We have several cool features that make your online sales much more profitable:

  • E-commerce price monitoring: We track prices in other online stores and marketplaces (including Allegro) so that you know whether your offer is attractive compared to your competitors.
  • Dynamic pricing: If you want to take one step further, you can automate pricing with our AI-powered tool. Dynamic pricing will help you adjust prices automatically as market conditions change, all within the limits that you can set.
  • ROAS booster: It’s a tool for all PPC advertisers. It helps you make data-driven decisions about which products to promote and at what rate, so that you can increase return/profit from every PPC campaign. 

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