TOP 7 Brand Protection Software

Selling and distributing products as a manufacturer and not just a retailer entails some specific risks that need to be taken into account. For example, you want to make sure other retailers do not undersell your products, which could result in damage to your brand’s reputation. That’s, in short, what brand protection software is for.

Every manufacturer/producer works under a specific brand that constitutes a vital asset in their company. A strong brand can help you get more customers and keep them engaged for a long time. However, a strong brand comes with some elements that need to be protected.

How online brand protection software works

Let’s use a simple example. Suppose we have a premium brand that cooperates with dozens of retailers across the world – both online and offline. And let’s say one of those retailers starts offering their products for relatively low prices. Of course, this move immediately triggers interest among customers, and the sales go up.

But from this brand’s perspective, this move is detrimental. Premium brands need to keep prices at a specific level to maintain their premium image. Lowering prices by one of the retailers means that this company’s image is severely damaged.

This is where brand protection software steps into the game. With such a tool, you can monitor several important aspects of your brand’s online presence, e.g.:

  • Prices offered by your retailers
  • Promotions and discounts for your products
  • Distribution of your products (where they are available and in what form)

As a result, such a retailer can be almost immediately flagged, and you can take steps to stop this detrimental practice.

Sometimes, online brand protection software can even detect potentially counterfeit products (e.g., when they are priced too low or are offered by a seller from outside your distributor network).

Select the best brand tracking software for your company: 7 picks

If you are a manufacturer, you surely need to protect your brand and your prices. In the market, you can find numerous tools that will help you achieve these goals. We’ve made a list of seven such tools. Hopefully, this list will help you make an informed decision on how to protect your brand online.


Dealavo – the best brand protection software, source:

We provide brand and price tracking tools for both online stores and manufacturers. When it comes to brand protection software, we want to show you three crucial features of our pricing platform:

  • Promotion tracking: You can use this feature to find out how individual retailers promote your products, whether they fulfill the contracts, and whether the promotional activities carried out by them are profitable to you and your brand.
  • MAP/MSRP tracking: These two acronyms stand for Minimum Advertised Prices and Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices. With this feature, you can verify whether your retailers offer agreed prices for your products. This feature works especially in the US, where tracking and enforcing MAP prices is legal (bear in mind, though, that in the European Union, this is considered limiting competition and, in short, illegal).
  • Distribution reports: Finally, our online brand protection software enables you to monitor how your products are distributed – where they end up and how big is your market coverage versus competitive products. Distribution reports rely on your products’ SKUs, EANs, and MPNs to keep track of what’s going on with your offer.

Elements specific to Dealavo:

  • Global reach
  • 8 language versions
  • Offline price monitoring
  • Data updates every 15 minutes

Protect your brand with Dealavo!

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Netrivals – brand protection software with API,

NetRivals is a cloud-based brand tracking software for retailers. It helps brands gain insights into competitor strategies and market trends. Users can scan competing products and automatically track price rankings. Key features include price monitoring, competition tracking, and visual analytics. It offers a repricing system and an API for integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento. Brands can use the solution to gain insight into market trends and generate visual charts based on various metrics, such as competitors, categories, and price ranks.

For brands, Netrivals offers:

  • MAP and MSPR monitoring
  • Amazon ratings and reviews analysis
  • Control of stock availability

Elements specific to NetRivals:

  • Amazon monitoring
  • Browser extension
  • Benchmark prices analysis
  • Product ratings and reviews analysis

Wiser Solutions

Wiser – brand protection software with real-time shopper insights, Source:

Wiser is an online brand protection software that gathers and evaluates online and in-store data, providing users with accurate e-commerce data. All the information is seamlessly integrated into the Wiser platform, where it is combined with advanced workflow software to deliver tangible benefits to both brands and retailers. Through a distinctive fusion of data science and human validation, Wiser presents comprehensive solutions for every facet of the retail landscape, all accessible from a single dashboard.

Wiser comes with five main pillars of their offer:

  • Marketplace intelligence for retailers to build effective e-commerce strategies
  • Comprehensive insights to protect your brand and manage brand positioning across different channels
  • Consumer experience intelligence for visibility into product execution, assortment, and availability
  • Real-time shopper insights so that you can understand your customers better
  • Almost real-time insights into physical shelves for improved brand perception and on-shelf visibility.

Elements specific to Wiser Solutions:

  • Shoppers motivation and loyalty insights
  • Campaign Simulator
  • A Shelf intelligence module
  • Retail auditing in brick-and-mortar stores

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Prisync – the most popular brand protection software in US,  Source:

Prisync is an e-commerce tool and an online brand monitoring software for price optimization and merchandise management, focusing on assisting online businesses. Its primary function involves monitoring competitor prices and stock levels, with the added capability of sharing this information through multiple communication channels.

Prisync’s dashboard enables the inclusion of competitor products and URLs, facilitating price and stock availability tracking. The overarching goal is to aid businesses in formulating effective pricing strategies for enhanced profitability. Prisync also offers features like email alerts, notifications for price and stock changes, as well as customized product group reports. Additional functionalities encompass batch import, stock availability monitoring, pricing analytics, and more.

For brands, Prisync offers:

  • Product variant price tracking
  • Stock availability monitoring
  • Global site/currency coverage

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Elements specific to Prisync:

  • Multiple currency coverage
  • Product variant price tracking
  • Competitor prices updates 3x per day
  • SmartMatch – discover new competitors


Price2Spy – brand protection software, Source:

Price2Spy is an online brand tracking software designed for monitoring and comparing prices. Price2Spy works with online retailers, manufacturers, brands, and distributors across diverse industries. It equips users with the means to monitor, track, and evaluate competitor pricing and product availability, offering access to pricing data and various reporting tools. When integrated with Google Analytics 4, Price2Spy facilitates the cross-referencing and analysis of two data sets to enhance pricing decisions.

The price comparison functions provide users with historical data, illustrating how competitors have adjusted their prices over time. The pricing dashboard delivers real-time updates on price and stock alterations. Additionally,  Price2Spy seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others.

For brands, Price2Spy will help you identify your main online retailers and understand their pricing strategies. Price2Spy even offers capturing screenshots providing evidence about price changes/price violations.

Elements specific to Price2Spy:

  • 30-day free trial
  • Monitoring prices in location-sensitive stores
  • Analysis who started the price war
  • Enterprise Package offering the whole set of available services

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Tgndata – brand protection tool, Source:

Tgndata is a cloud-based pricing intelligence software designed to assist businesses in enhancing their operations by monitoring competitor data. Its core features encompass benchmarking, website surveillance, trend analysis, analysis of rival products, a user-friendly dashboard, price list management, pricing analytics, competitor price monitoring, and comprehensive market data analysis.

With tgndata, you can gain valuable insights into your market coverage (compared to your competitors), stay informed about pricing data changes, and leverage these insights to boost your market share for each brand. The platform enables managers to generate assortment and category range reports within just 72 hours. Furthermore, it offers an additional service for automated newsletter and brochure reporting.

Elements specific to Tgndata:

  • Monitoring of seasonal trends
  • Brand perception monitoring
  • Real-time market prices for every product
  • 99% data quality

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DataWeave – Saas brand tracking software, Source:

It’s a SaaS brand tracking software for digital shelf analytics and dynamic pricing solutions. DataWeave provides users with essential KPIs, such as price competitiveness, content quality, benchmarking, product availability, promotion effectiveness, search and media influence, and rating and review analysis, all in real-time.

When it comes to brand protection, DataWeave offers two main features:

  • MAP violations and merchant analytics: You can track price violations as well as identify unauthorized sellers.
  • Counterfeit product detection: DataWeave will help you identify fake products and replicas among thousands of product listings out there.

Elements specific to DataWeave:

  • US grocery price tracker
  • Digital shelf analysis
  • Counterfeit product detection
  • Customer sentiment analysis

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Each of the tools we mentioned in this article provides you with helpful features and options. We encourage you to take a look at each of these products so that you can make an informed decision based on your offer, needs, and business plans.

In general, it is important to pick at least one such tool. Remember that your brand is one of the most valuable assets in your company and it should be protected. This is especially important when it comes to unauthorized offers and detrimental prices hurting your image online.

The majority of the tools listed here provide some sort of free trial access, which enables you to see how a given tool works in real life. This is what we offer here at Dealavo as well. Go here and ask for a free demo of our platform. We are happy to show you what you can achieve with Dealavo!