Prisync vs Minderest – which Pricing Intelligence Tool is better?

Price Intelligence Software is a crucial tool in today’s e-commerce world. It’s no secret that the better your knowledge about competition is, the higher your competitive strength grows.

If you cannot decide which Price Intelligence Tool to use, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll present you with all the information you need to choose whether Prisync, Minderest, or Dealavo suits your company better. We will go through basic and advanced features comparison, costs, and many more aspects to give you a solid view of what’s best for your business. Let’s start!

What are Prisync and Minderest, and what do they offer businesses?

Both Prisync and Minderest are price monitoring tools that offer your business price & competition tracking to increase your profit. Among the main functionalities of both tools you may find:

  • Dynamic Pricing & Repreacing features,
  • Ecommerce Pricing,
  • marketplace tracking & price optimization (e.g. for Shopify, Google Shopping, or Amazon).
  • MAP monitoring.

All of the solutions work to your business advantage, allowing you to stay competitive, be able to anticipate your competitors’ pricing strategies, and – last but not least – detect price wars. Such data acquisition enables you to set the right prices for your products automatically, without the need for manual verification, and in general, allows you to make data-driven decisions. A faster reaction to market changes in today’s e-commerce world is essential. Therefore, due to such software, you may be sure, you’ll stay unbeatable in your industry, bringing more and more profit to your budget.

How do Prisync and Minderest compare in terms of pricing, features, and customer support, and how do they compare with Dealavo?

Even though Prisync seems to be the most popular and commonly-recognized platform, its offer range is a bit narrower when compared to Minderest. Prisync focuses mostly on tracking prices on the most common platforms such as Shopify and Google Shopping. Apart from Dynamic Pricing or MAP solutions, there are no more advanced Price Intelligence functionalities you may find there.

On the other hand, Minderest provides you with a much wider range of price tracking possibilities. First of all, you’ll notice the very clear differentiation between retailers & brands offer. Advanced Price and Catalogue Intelligence features, InStore price and stock monitoring as well as DIstribution Channel Analysis are just a few of the outstanding features to be mentioned.

Nevertheless, what weighs in Prysinc’s favor is its 24/7 Customer Service support and pricing. The cheapest subscription plan starts from $99/mo whereas Minderest pricing is individual and depends on the client’s customized needs.

But there is a third option – Dealavo. Dealavo is a Price Monitoring and Dynamic Pricing software dedicated to brands and retailers, and it’s worth considering when it comes to choosing a price tracking tool for your company.
Apart from all of the mentioned features, Dealavo stands out from both counterparts with additional functionalities, such as WooCommerce integration, Promotion Tracking, as well as free analysis (e.g. Google Shopping Price Ads Audit or Foreign Market Analysis Report) that will assist you to launch new products or enter new markets.
Watch our video to find out more about Dealavo’s solutions.

What is Dealavo?

Learn more about features and functionalities of our Price Intelligence Tool.

Which one is the better choice for your business – Prisync or Minderest?

As far as choosing the right tool is concerned there is no one universal answer. The choice depends on your business goals, need,s and struggles. Nevertheless, as Minderest presents itself as a bit more advanced tool, it should be more useful for those who need advanced Price Intelligence solutions, and Amazon tracking, yet they are not interested in difficult software, requiring high technical skills.
Prisync appears to be a handy tool for those retailers who are the most interested in tracking the most popular platforms and wish to optimize their pricing and presence there properly.

To be fair though, let’s make a detailed sum-up of the pros and cons of using all three competitor price monitoring software.

Prisync, Minderest, and Dealavo – pros and cons


Prisync names itself a price tracking tool created to help all kinds of companies – from small ones to big enterprises. The tool will work perfectly with those looking for inexpensive price monitoring solutions, especially for a less competitive landscape.
The software provides its users with Dynamic Pricing functionalities as well as Digital Shelf Management that allows retailers to optimize their e-commerce offer details, including names, images, descriptions, and prices.

What’s more, manufacturers and distributors may find some interest in MAP Tracking and Stock Availability Monitoring. The software provides also guarantees 24/7 Customer Service support.

A clear subscription plan may be considered another advantage, especially for those on a budget.


  • user-friendly dashboard,
  • affordable pricing,
  • Dynamic Pricing functionalities,
  • Shopify and Google Shopping integrations,
  • 14-day demo


  • lack of advanced Price Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence features,
  • no promotion tracking,
  • numerous functionalities available in Premium Plan only,
  • not the best choice for demanding e-commerce needs.


Minderest is a competitor price analysis software that includes dashboards, historical data, and market trends. It provides all the information needed to accurately plan, set and develop an efficient dynamic pricing strategy.

What makes Minderest worth considering is its expanded Price Intelligence solutions, and a broad offer for brands, including MAP&MSRP monitoring, Content Compliance, along with Distribution Channel Analysis. Expanded InStore features are also worth mentioning.

Minderest will be the right choice e.g for Amazon sellers, as well as manufacturers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any promotion functionalities, essential especially when it comes to monitoring a competitive e-commerce landscape.


  • advanced Price Intelligence features, including Dynamic Pricing,
  • expanded brand’s offer,
  • helpful Customer Service team,
  • excellent API integration,
  • InStore tracking,


  • lack of promotion tracking,
  • the dashboard may require some additional work,
  • no data about possible integrations.


With Dealavo outsmarting your competitors is guaranteed. The app is famous for its exceptional data accuracy thanks to its twofold structure (for brands and retailers) that helps differentiate users’ needs and accomplish them.
Dealavo focuses mostly on competitors & pricing monitoring and analysis, so retailers can always keep up with emerging trends, unpredicted market changes, or price fluctuations. The software enables you not only to conduct Market Research but also to plan long-term pricing and distribution strategy due to various functionalities such as Dynamic Pricing. What’s more, the tool provides numerous integrations, e.g. with Amazon, IdoSell, and WooCommerce, so what you need to do is simply request a demo.
A superior Customer Success Team will take care of the rest. All required data is shared in form of customized reports, both in Excel or CSV formats. Thanks to the double verification process the app enables providing data of the highest quality: 75% of mappings are done by our state-of-art Machine Learning algorithms, followed by manual verification and completion by the Quality Assurance Team.
With our price monitoring tool, you will be able to:

  • identify and monitor your biggest competitors, both online & offline,
  • use the Dynamic Pricing feature to adjust your price to market conditions according to the rules you set,
  • monitor prices and promotions on every website or marketplace worldwide, including Amazon, Google Shopping or Idealo
  • and much more.


  • monitoring of the unlimited number of websites and marketplaces, including Amazon, Google Shopping, Idealo,
  • expanded Dynamic Pricing & Repricing feature,
  • user-friendly in-built alerts, such as “easy gain”, “clever move”, or “positive trend”,
  • individual Customer Success support as well as Pricing Consultancy services,
  • integrations with the biggest e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, IdoSell and through API,
  • a 7-day demo version available.


  • the dashboard may seem a bit complicated at the beginning,
  • API requires minor improvements.

Prisync, Minderest & Dealavo – conclusion

As we already mentioned – the choice is up to you and your actual goals. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try out available trial versions, verify whether they meet your needs, and change whenever you feel the tool doesn’t provide what you expect.
Below you’ll find a brief summary of the three tools we presented you with today.
And you if find Dealavo, worth considering, just contact us via the form at the bottom of the page. Let us optimize the prices for you, so you can just enjoy the profit!