Ceneo.pl – what do you need to know about fees and commissions?


Ceneo is a Polish price comparison website that allows online stores to present their offer to millions of customers. On the other hand – it allows the customers to find the product they are looking at the lowest price. Currently, there are over 26 thousand registered stores on the platform and the total number of visits exceeded one billion last year. In this article we will take a closer look at this price comparison website and describe all the costs related to the cooperation with Ceneo.

Ceneo is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable brands on the Polish e-commerce market. The study “E-commerce in Poland 2020” conducted by Gemius shows that as many as 10% of respondents when asked about their spontaneous knowledge of e-commerce sites mentioned Ceneo. It is the only price comparison site on the list:


Source: https://www.gemius.pl/wszystkie-artykuly-aktualnosci/e-commerce-w-polsce-2020.html 

Ceneo aggregates product offers from various stores (currently, there are over 26 thousand of them[1]) and presents the results according to the criteria given by the user, concerning

  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Opinions about the seller 

The users use Ceneo mainly to find the product they are looking for at the lowest  price possible. In many cases the price differences between different offers can be significant. 

The number of users and stores cooperating with the platform is growing dynamically. As you can expect, the presentation of your store’s offer on Ceneo is not free.

How much does it cost to sell on Ceneo?

The basic fee on Ceneo is based on a very popular CPC (Cost Per Click) model. The companies cooperating with the platform pay for each user entering the store’s website from Ceneo. The cost of a single click varies from PLN 0,27 to even 1 PLN and it depends mainly on the product category and the period in a year. The exception is the handmade category, where there is no CPC cost, but only a commission on sales (15%).

The most expensive categories include aluminium wheels (PLN 0.95 in October-December) and the entire outlet category (PLN 0.97 in October-December). The lowest fees are in e.g. delicatessen category (bread – PLN 0.39 in January-September) or home and interior category (fragrance oils and lamps – PLN 0.39 in January-October). You can find the whole price list here.

Ceneo works in a prepayment model – sellers pay in advance for future obligations. The stores can easily monitor the marketing budget and change it depending on the needs.


Of course, the list of promotion possibilities on Ceneo is much longer. The platform offers for example:

  • Bidding for a position in the ranking : you can bid for a position (e.g. to be in the TOP3). Cost: from PLN 0.01.
  • Buy Now: it allows you to sell your products directly on Ceneo. Cost: 1,6% commission on each sale.
  • Call button: the ability to make a phone call to your store right from the listing (solution designed for mobile users). Cost: from PLN 350.
  • Brand Protection Program: This program makes it easier to take care of the positive image of your store. Cost: PLN 500 per month.

In addition, there are more than 30 forms of display advertising available on Ceneo  (including video banners,  double billboards, scroll footers and highlighted offers).

On which other e-commerce platforms should you promote your offer? 

Online stores have an array of platforms at their disposal to promote their offers and attract more and more new customers. Which sites should you consider to attract more clients?


Google Shopping is a service provided by Google. It allows customers to search for, view and compare products. Customers can see the offers matching the user’s search phrase directly in the search engine. It looks like this:

More details are shown when the user clicks on the “Shopping” tab. Consumers can easily sort and filter offers from various sources there. 

To join Google Shopping, you need to register your store with Google Merchant Center. For more on this, check out our article: What is Google Merchant Center and why is it worth using?


There are several other e-commerce platforms which you should consider when thinking about multichannel sales. Some of them are Amazon and Allegro

Before deciding on the sales and promotion channels, we recommend analyzing different possibilities. The reason is that the prices and competion between different channels can vary significantly as shown on the infographic below:



We recommend downloading our free report in which we analyze prices, competition and trends on the most relevant marketplaces in 6 European countries: UK, Germany, France, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. We hope it will help you make the decision about marketplaces which you have the biggest chance to stand out on:

Start monitoring prices with Dealavo!

How to be up to date with the prices in each of the sales channels, including Ceneo, Amazon, Google Shopping etc.? The best way is to use a price monitoring software

A price tracking tool should enable you not only to check your position on the market but also to identify the most relevant competitors which will be necessary to define your pricing and sales strategy.

Once you decide price monitoring is crucial in your online store, here are the next steps you should follow:

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  3. Choose the products you would like to monitor
  4. Choose the websites you would like to track prices on – these can be marketplaces, price comparison websites or online shops 
  5. Our team will do the rest! 

Learn more about factors you should analyze when deciding about the optimal sales and promotion channels for your business: Which products to sell and promote on the most important e-commerce platforms?

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