PricePanorama – review and ratings

Are you looking for a tool that will automate price tracking in your online store? The choice can be tricky! There are many solutions in the market that make it much easier for e-sellers to monitor prices. One of them is PricePanorama – you can find some opinions about this system in the post below. We also have some alternatives for you!


Price monitoring is it worth your time?

For many (if not most) customers, price is the main factor for selecting offers when shopping online. This doesn’t mean, though, that they always choose the cheapest product. In many niches, it’s just the opposite – a cheap offer arouses suspicion. Regardless of what your product category is, you must always have a good understanding of the price list of products in your store and in your competitors’ stores.


The truth is that monitoring prices manually is a waste of time. In addition, this method is prone to considerable error. For this reason, many brands – such as PricePanorama – are developing systems that allow sellers to view the prices in all the stores operating on the Internet.


When developing your store’s pricing strategy, you must remember that customers increasingly use price comparison websites such as Ceneo or Google Shopping, which is becoming more and more popular in Poland. In such places, price undoubtedly plays a crucial role. That’s because showing the lowest offers is the main purpose of price comparison websites.


Therefore, if you want to be competitive on Ceneo or any other price comparison website, you need to automate your pricing strategy. This means that tools like PricePanorama are a must-have element in your “e-commerce toolkit”.


How do PricePanorama and alternative systems work?

E-commerce price monitoring tools are nothing more than applications that regularly scan the market and collect price data in individual stores. Most often, this type of software is provided in the software-as-a-service model and is accessed via a web browser.

Moving to a more detailed level, a professional price monitoring tool allows you to:


  • Check which seller offers the lowest price on the market
  • Automatically adjust prices in your store based on conditional logic
  • Detect price wars in your niche
  • Analyze detailed reports at the stage of determining the pricing strategy


Both PricePanorama and the alternatives to this system (discussed on our site) meet these criteria. Therefore, they constitute a valuable resource in your e-commerce business.


PricePanorama: Offered options

It’s time to focus on the main functions offered by PricePanorama. The truth is, the list is quite impressive, but we see some shortcomings that may make it difficult to implement a pricing strategy in the case of large-scale operations.


PricePanorama advantages:


  • Possibility to monitor prices on Allegro and Ceneo: The PricePanorama’s offer focuses mostly on the ability to analyze prices on Allegro and Ceneo.
  • Option to monitor specific domains: A noteworthy function is the ability to monitor the price lists of competing companies.
  • Data Updates Frequency: Many sellers wonder how often a given software updates prices. In the case of PricePanorama, price data is synchronized once a day. There is also a possibility of a personalized service, where updates can take place even once an hour.
  • The ability to monitor any store: The wide range of the company’s operations will surely be appreciated by sellers selling internationally.
  • Omnibus price monitoring: The application collects information on the lowest price of a given product at which individual stores offered it in the last 30 days;


Disadvantages of PricePanorama:


  • No repricing option: A big advantage of price management software is the automation of actions based on established logical conditions. PricePanorama does not offer such a solution.


Dealavo as an alternative to PricePanorama

We mentioned in the introduction that we will also discuss some alternative solutions to PricePanorama. One such alternative is Dealavo. This software is used by e-commerce businesses from over 30 countries around the world.


Dealavo offers a set of functionalities desired by e-commerce companies – both small and large ones. A huge advantage of Dealavo – and a competitive edge over many competing systems – is its wide compatibility with marketplaces and independent online stores.


You can use Dealavo if you want to track prices on such websites as Allegro, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and virtually anywhere online consumers shop.


Moreover, by using Dealavo, you can integrate this software with numerous e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, BaseLinker, Shoper, IdoSell, and many others.


PricePanorama vs. Dealavo

We have already mentioned the Dealavo application above, which is an alternative to PricePanorama. It’s time to make a direct comparison of both systems in the “PricePanorama vs. Dealavo” duel.





PricePanorama Dealavo
Short description PricePanorama is a tool intended for manufacturers, distributors, online stores, and retail chains. It allows you to compare prices with competitors on a daily basis.


Dealavo is a tool for price monitoring and automation on most domestic and foreign marketplaces, price comparison websites, and online stores.


Number of monitored countries No information on the website Over 30 countries
Reports Can be downloaded via API or in Excel, XML and CSV formats API, direct integrations, XML, Excel, and CSV
Direct integrations No information on the website Idosell, Baselinker, Woocommerce, Shoper, Shopware, Subiekt GT
Dynamic Pricing No information on the website Available
Monitoring prices and products in Google Shopping No information on the website Available


Alerts for sellers No information on the website Available



PricePanorama – opinions and alternatives to this software (summary)

We hope that the above information about the PricePanorama software – both opinions and descriptions of individual functions – provides you with a dose of valuable knowledge.


At the same time, you now know whether this solution meets all your expectations. Remember to compare several available solutions before making the final decision on which price management software to choose.


When you use Dealavo, you can try this tool in your own sales channels during a 14-day trial period.


When looking for a solution for your company, we suggest focusing on tools that meet several important criteria – i.a., the ability to monitor an unlimited number of marketplaces, a built-in alert function, and the availability of a dynamic pricing module.


Regardless of which tool you choose, one thing is certain – it is impossible to run a profitable e-commerce business without the support of price management systems.