From Price Optimization to Profit Maximization: The Role of Repricing and Dynamic Pricing on Amazon

With over 300 million users worldwide, Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world and surely a good place for your online store to offer your products. However, Amazon is also a highly competitive environment, and pricing plays here a crucial role. That’s why if you want to succeed in this marketplace, you should consider using repricing and dynamic pricing on Amazon. Let’s have a closer look at these two services.

On Amazon, you’re competing with sellers all over the world. This means you need to up your game and have great offers, great marketing, and great prices. Here at Dealavo, we can help you with the latter element. Our platform is fully integrated with Amazon, so you can set dynamic pricing and repricing algorithms to work with your Amazon account.

Dynamic pricing and repricing on Amazon

Actually, both these strategies are quite similar. Both are intended to adjust prices in your Amazon account so that your offer remains competitive. Let’s have a closer look at them.

What is repricing?

Repricing is all about adjusting your products’ prices periodically based on specified rules or criteria. Repricing algorithms take market conditions, competitor pricing, and other factors into account and update your prices accordingly. Of course, you can do repricing on your own, but this will take a lot of time, given how big Amazon is. 

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing, on the other hand, is a more real-time service. Dynamic pricing algorithms take, in general, the same conditions into account, but they can change prices even several times a day if need be. Our dynamic pricing algorithms continually monitor market conditions and respond to them by adjusting your prices. This service also involves the use of advanced AI-powered algorithms.

So, in summary, we can say dynamic pricing is faster and more advanced compared to repricing. However, if you’re selling on Amazon, you can find both services quite useful!

How dynamic pricing and repricing work on Amazon

Let’s use a quick fictional example of how dynamic pricing and repricing work on Amazon. Take a look at the screen below:

In this example, a customer is looking for a Sony TV. There are five offers matching this customer’s search criteria.’s offer is the most expensive one. However, the actual difference between their offer and the cheapest offer is just 2.01 EUR. If this store lowers the price by that amount, it will immediately jump to first place (for customers who filter the results by price). This would give this store far better exposure and, likely, more orders placed. 

That said, if you can afford to lower the price of your product by an insignificant amount, you can set such a rule in your dynamic pricing platform. In such a situation, if the algorithm detects that lowering the price by an acceptable amount would give you better exposure, it will lower the price automatically. As a result, you end up in the first place, just like in the example above.

On Amazon, dynamic pricing and repricing work the exact same way – these algorithms analyze prices among your competitors as well as the popularity of your products, and they adjust prices accordingly. As a result, you can rest assured that your account always has optimal prices, even when you’re sleeping.

Dealavo & Amazon Integration

One of the keys to success with repricing and dynamic pricing lies in effective integration with a given platform/marketplace. We’ve made sure to fully integrate Dealavo with Amazon. What’s more, our advanced machine learning algorithms conduct a double data verification, which means you have access only to high-quality, verified data. 

With our platform, you can monitor all the relevant elements of this marketplace, including your competitors’ prices, even outside the buy box. What’s more, you can track Amazon prices whether you are a seller or a manufacturer and want to determine deviations from MSRP prices (suggested prices). If you operate in the USA, you can track MAP prices (minimal prices) as well. In the same way, you can use our platform to monitor price violations.

Additionally, Dealavo provides you with the opportunity to track product price history so that you know when the price reaches the highest level or whether a specific product is really getting cheaper during sales peaks such as Black Friday or Christmas.

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