How to increase sales on Allegro?


Although there are more and more new online shops, Allegro is still the most popular selling platform in Poland and one of the 10 biggest in the world. Every month, it has about 18 million visitors, who make 24 million transactions in total. There are two sides to every coin though – there are also 140 thousand professional sellers on Allegro. How to distinguish yourself from so many competitors? We will provide you with some tips on how to increase sales on Allegro.

How to start selling on Allegro?

If you want to sell products on Allegro, you have to create your account first. It is best to choose a business account, which will give you more options to promote your offering, such as extensive descriptions and a bigger number of photos. By using the professional account, you will also have access to tools that help you gain the trust of the customers, for example, Super Seller status or Allegro Smart program.

Another crucial aspect is choosing the right username. It should be easy to remember and refer to your company’s name or the products you sell. It is better not to choose diminutives, nicknames, sequences of digits or names that may sound wrong when referring to a specific industry. A well-chosen username will evoke trust and help to increase sales on Allegro.

What is more, if you sell a varied range of goods, for example, baby accessories and garden tools, you should consider keeping several separate accounts. This way, you will build the professional image of your company and increase business results.

What products sell best on Allegro?

You can sell different goods on Allegro – from real estate to food products or small accessories. The attractiveness of the auction depends not on the type of product you sell but mostly on the way the offer itself is prepared and presented.

Allegro is still evolving, and it keeps offering new, increasingly advanced tools and options for the sellers. In the upcoming months, it plans, among others, to expand the Smart program and Allegro Ads and facilitate cooperation with courier companies. It is also working on the improvement of analytical tools, which will allow for even more precise monitoring of sales quality and actions of the competitors.

How to increase sales on Allegro? Below, you will find a list of factors that have to be taken into account while selling on Allegro.

  • Competitive price

Of course, price is not the only factor the customers consider when making a purchase, but it is one of the most important ones. The competition on Allegro is huge, and it is really easy to find the cheapest offer on the platform thanks to the advanced filter options. That is why sellers have to continuously ensure that their prices are attractive to the customers and, at the same time, bring appropriate profit. It is a challenging task, but it can be made much easier by using modern tools for price monitoring.

For example, the Dealavo platform allows you to monitor prices in online shops and on marketplaces and price comparison websites, helping you to regularly verify if your offering is still competitive. You can also take a step further and automate your prices with the Dynamic Pricing tool. This way, your offering will be always adjusted to the present market situation, and your profit will be maximised at all times.

  • Presentation of the offer

The auction on Allegro is the only place where the customer sees your offer. That is why you have to make it really attractive. High-quality photos that present a product in a positive but realistic way are a must. The description is also important. It should contain all the necessary information and answer every potential question of the customers. It should also include technical specifications and precisely describe the condition of the product.

  • Auction title

Another crucial factor for effective sales on Allegro is the title of the auction. The platform works in a similar way to a search engine and processes around 1.6 thousand queries per second. The name of the product should be optimised in a way that will make it easy for a customer to find it. It can only have 50 characters, so be sure to use the limit properly and choose words that will convince the customer to click the offer. You should avoid ambiguous titles and names that make it difficult to identify the product, mislead people or are irrelevant from the customer’s point of view (e.g. internal stock number). Inappropriate auction titles may cause a significant decrease in sales on Allegro.

  • Highlighting your offer

If you sell products from a popular category, where the competition is high, you should consider using paid advertisements. Allegro Ads, the advertisement system of Allegro, helps you to reach new customers and increase the visibility of your offer. It provides three basic mechanisms: sponsored offers, graphic advertising and ad network. The most interesting option is the last one, which allows you to direct traffic from external platforms, such as Facebook and Google, to Allegro.

  • Building trust

Effective selling on Allegro is based on trust. How to build it? The most crucial elements are good reviews and ratings – customers who shop online almost always check them. You should do your best to avoid getting negative comments. That is why you should deal with complaints quickly and effectively solve your customers’ problems. Also remember that your products and your complaints and returns policy must be consistent with the description to avoid disappointment and claims.

  • Additional benefits of your offer

Sometimes, customers are willing to pay more if the purchase involves additional benefits. If you offer fast or free shipping, extended warranty or attractive delivery options (e.g. parcel lockers or Allegro Smart program), you should highlight this in your offer. This way, you can convince the customer to make a purchase in your shop even if the price you offer is not the lowest one.

Sales on Allegro – how to improve the results?

When you sell on Allegro, you have to remember that you do not have to limit yourself to this one channel. The e-commerce world offers plenty of possibilities, so you might want to try multi-channel selling and also sell your products on other platforms, such as Amazon or Google Shopping. 

We wrote more on multi-channel selling here: Which products to sell and promote on the most important e-commerce platforms?. If you want to learn more about the specific nature of selling on a particular platform, you can use our extensive knowledge base. In particular, we recommend you to read:

However, we do not recommend directing traffic to Allegro from your own online shop. If you do this, you will decrease your profit because selling through an intermediary involves paying commissions. Thus, when setting prices on Allegro, you have to take into account not only the offering of your competitors but also the terms of sale of the particular platform.

Contact us if you want to learn more on how to sell effectively on Allegro and choose optimal pricing strategies. Our experts will show you how to use modern monitoring tools to maximise profit from online sales.