Price Observatory Alternatives For E-stores – Choose The Best E-commerce Price Monitoring Tool

An understanding of e-commerce price monitoring tools is essential for success in this dynamic environment. To assist you in improving your e-commerce pricing strategy, we’ll look closely at Price Observatory alternatives which e-stores can make a good use of. The text will also provide you with a comparison between Price Observatory and our own price monitoring and competition tracking solution – Dealavo.


Price Observatory is a French e-commerce price monitoring tool with more than 10 years of experience, serving both retailers and brands, increasing their sales, visibility, and helping them constantly stay ahead of their competitors.

Main features of Price Observatory include price alerts, competition analysis, margin optimisation, price changes history, special offers tracking, competitors and distributors’ stock tracking, automatic repricing, and many others.

Price Observatory can boasts its base of 300 customers and more than 5,000 websites monitored, which is obviously an authentic proof of the tool’s effectiveness. Among the brands that have trusted Price Observatory, are such big names as Michelin, Carrefour, or Playmobil. 

However, in this text, we are not only going to describe and analyse Price Observatory’s functionalities, but we will also look at Price Observatory alternatives, such as, for example, Dealavo. It is our own e-commerce price monitoring tool with advanced machine learning algorithms that can also be a great aid for any e-commerce business.

Why Is Competition Price Tracking Important?

If you work in e-commerce, it is significant for you to be aware of the fact that the dynamics of this environment doesn’t really forgive mistakes. That is why it is absolutely crucial to carefully watch your rivals and track their prices if you wish your e-commerce business to grow. This is also where e-commerce price monitoring tools come in handy. Solutions like Price Observatory give you a handful of useful information regarding your competition’s pricing strategies.

With Price Observatory features, both e-retailers and brands will find solutions that cater to their specific needs. The ultimate mix of Price Observatory’s original bots and IT engineers yields not only the best quality of data collected, but also makes you sure that everything is done according to rules and ethics.

Moreover, despite the fact that Price Observatory has already been there for 10 years in the e-commerce industry now, it doesn’t seem to stop evolving. The tool’s newest feature – the customisable dashboard – was launched in 2024 to make its users’ experiences even smoother and intuitive. This may let you assume that picking Price Observatory as your e-commerce price monitoring tool might yield you even more benefits in the future.

Price Monitoring Tools – What Are They?

In e-commerce, price monitoring tools are solutions that let their users leverage advanced algorithms and mechanics to optimise their e-commerce pricing strategy, maximise their margins and increase sales. These tools also make it possible for the e-commerce businesses to track their competitors and analyse the market dynamics in order to craft the most beneficial pricing strategies and maintain competitiveness.

Tools like Price Observatory bring you a blessing of price automation in e-commerce. It’s a great thing to have since it can greatly cut the time you and your team need to manage your pricing. Using e-commerce price monitoring tools is also a gateway to increased competitiveness thanks to constant competition pricing tracking and up-to-date product price adjustments, so that your offer will always seem to be more attractive. Tools for price monitoring can keep an eye on various websites and platforms to look for any potential price changes your rivals might make.

When choosing your own e-commerce price monitoring tool, you should take numerous aspects into consideration. What is your target audience? What do you sell? Remember also that different programs may entail various limitations, regarding, for example, the scope of features offered, or the number and range of subscription plans available. It all comes down to the fact that sometimes one tool may require you to pay extra for some features that another tool would give you in its standard variant.

One of Price Observatory’s distinct features is its scope of customisability. The tool offers the advanced, customisable dashboard as well as other modules, which altogether gives its users an impressive range of possibilities to tweak Price Observatory to their individual needs. Besides, Price Observatory excels in brand-related functionalities, such as distributors’ stock monitoring and distribution network pricing policy management. With agile analysing processes, Price Observatory lets you quickly identify which distributor stock your products and make potential price adjustments where it is necessary to avoid price wars and protect your brand’s image.

However, this text is here also to offer you a reliable Price Observatory alternative – Dealavo. It is our own e-commerce price monitoring solution that provides you both with advanced pricing automation and competition tracking. We hope that our Price Observatory vs Dealavo comparison will help you make the right choice.

Price Observatory – Main Features

Price Observatory’s advanced distributors and competition tracking techniques allow you to better adapt to the e-commerce market dynamics. Thanks to spending 15% of their income for their algorithm development, Price Observatory keeps delivering only the best insights for your e-store.

With high degree of customisations and advanced e-commerce management features, Price Observatory is a great choice for both e-retailers and brands. Its automations regarding pricing and product comparison will save you a lot of time which you’d probably spend on, for example, manual price recording otherwise.

Let’s break it into pieces, what Price Observatory can provide you with when you are an e-retailer, and what it offers brands:

  1. for e-retailers:
  • margin optimisation,
  • automatic product matching and competitors’ price recording,
  • marketplace and e-commerce website monitoring,
  • smart competition pricing analysis, with potential growth opportunities and market openings marked,
  • advanced competition tracking (including rivals’ special-offer pricing policies);
  1. for brands:
  • distributors’ stock tracking,
  • automatic resellers’ pricing analysis for coherent pricing policy,
  • robust product comparison based on several criteria,
  • developing and protecting brand image thanks to constant pricing in the distribution network,
  • price change alerts and up to 2-year price history for the highest accuracy of information and most beneficial price optimisation.

Price Observatory also offers you a 15-day free trial version, so you can check it out and see whether it has what it takes to satisfy your individual needs. Moreover, if you’re a retailer, Price Observatory can also provide you with an individual 30-minute training to go through their tool and show you all the vital features.

price observatory

Price Observatory’s customisable dashboard. Source:

Price Observatory’s pros:

  • high degree of customisation options,
  • features tailored for both retailers and brands,
  • constant algorithm development,
  • matching assistant supporting you with your manual product matching (if the automatic one is not enough),
  • user-friendly UI and intuitive dashboards.
price observatory alternatives

Product price comparison across several marketplaces with Price Observatory. Source:

Price Observatory’s cons:

  • no signs of the use of AI technologies,
  • price history available only up to 2 years back.


Comparing Price Observatory vs Dealavo

One of Price Observatory alternatives is Dealavo, our own e-commerce price monitoring tool. With the support from the advanced AI technologies, Dealavo features such solutions as robust repricing with Dynamic Pricing, competition tracking, vast array of useful integrations, and many other functionalities for e-commerce businesses.

What’s more, here in Dealavo, we also offer you our double data verification procedure. It’s one of the most significant of the Dealavo’s features that makes you sure the data you get is of the highest quality possible. The information we possess, is first analysed by our AI systems, and then Dealavo Quality Assurance staff takes care of it, doing manual checking of the data received. It makes our data extremely accurate and lets you sleep safe.

price montoring

Dealavo uses AI to power its services.

Dealavo can also boast a considerable range of customisations regarding repricing. Retailers and e-stores are able to set their own pricing rules and intuitive price alerts. Our advanced, AI-powered Dynamic Pricing boost your chances even more, so that you can outrun your rivals. Brands, on the other hand, will benefit from Dealavo’s MAP/MRSP tracking and distribution reports, which will protect brand’s image and provide detailed insights into the current business situation.

However, if you’re still wondering if Dealavo is an e-commerce price monitoring tool for you, we have a free seven-day trial for you to test our tool with regard to what you actually need. Let’s get in touch and we will show you a demo version.

Dealavo’s pros:

  • a wide range of customisation regarding pricing management options,
  • advanced Dynamic Pricing,
  • machine learning support for the best data and market insights,
  • double data verification process (AI algorithms + human manual checking),
  • integrations via API and directly into ERP systems.
price monitoring system

How Dealavo’s competition price tracking works?

Dealavo’s cons:

  • data visualisation screens may present amounts of data that are too large and complex for some inexperienced users,
  • a few of the integrations available might use some improvements.


Price Observatory vs Dealavo – feature comparison

Price Observatory


A reliable price monitoring and competition tracking tool for e-retailers and brands. AI-leveraging, e-commerce price monitoring and competition tracking software for retailers and brands with robust repricing and price tracking features.
  • customisable modules and dashboards
  • distribution network tracking for brands
  • advanced competition pricing policy tracking for e-retailers (including special offers)
  • constant algorithm development
  • up to 2 years of price history available
  • a possibility to sign up for a 15-day trial with no costs
  • AI-powered pricing automation services
  • MAP & MSRP tracking for brands
  • advanced competition price tracking across e-commerce websites and marketplaces
  • double data verification procedure
  • robust Dynamic Pricing with custom pricing rules and intuitive price alerts
  • wide selection of integrations available


We hope that our Price Observatory vs Dealavo comparison has given you enough information to pick your favourite e-commerce price monitoring tool. Remember to consider all the pros and cons while making your final decision.

As we said, Price Observatory’s main advantage is its high customisability. It applies both to its dashboard, and the app’s multiple modules. Besides, the tool also boasts its impressive brand-related features, especially in terms of distribution network monitoring (such as distribution stock tracking or resellers’ special offer monitoring). Our tool, Dealavo, gives you a comprehensive solution regarding both competition tracking and e-commerce price monitoring. We offer you a robust Dynamic Pricing feature with AI-powered pricing algorithms for your e-store’s maximum efficiency. On top of that, our double data verification process will take care of the quality of the data you receive from us.

Weigh all the advantages and the possible disadvantages of both e-commerce price monitoring tools before picking one for your e-store. Our Price Observatory vs Dealavo comparison should have provided you with all the vital information about these two solutions for e-commerce businesses. Also, don’t forget about the possibility to test both of them with the free trials they offer: Dealavo’s 7-day trial, and Price Observatory’s 15-day trial.