PriceShape Alternatives For E-stores

In the ever-evolving realm of e-commerce, the mastery of price monitoring tools is fundamental for achieving success. In this article, we embark on an in-depth exploration of alternatives to PriceShape, focusing on empowering your e-store’s pricing strategy. We will also try to compare its functionalities with what Dealavo has in store for you in terms of price monitoring and repricing.


PriceShape has established itself as a prominent player in the world of e-commerce, catering to retailers, webshops, agencies, and brands. The platform is designed to simplify pricing strategies and competitor monitoring, ultimately enhancing sales and profitability.

PriceShape’s team takes pride in collaboration with leading retailers and brands, emphasizing the significance of user feedback in refining their tool.

PriceShape excels in customisation options when it comes to automatic pricing systems. Their team has made sure to design their tool as user-friendly as possible. This way each member of your team can have easy access to every functionality they actually need.

However, this article not only aims at presenting all the ins and outs of PriceShape as an e-commerce pricing management tools, but also to compare it with its alternatives. By this, we mean, for example, our own price monitoring and repricing tool. Read on to check how PriceShape compares to Dealavo in details.

Competition Price Monitoring – Why Is It So Important?

In the world of e-commerce, careful competition monitoring is crucial. Price tracking systems, such as PriceShape, provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, pricing strategy, and market dynamics. Success in the digital economy depends on knowing these elements and being able to adjust to them.

Businesses can strategically position themselves by offering competitive rates, highlighting distinctive value propositions, or modifying marketing strategies to stand out in a crowded marketplace thanks to the flexibility that tools like PriceShape provide.

Price monitoring tools act as navigational aids in this vast expanse, helping e-commerce entrepreneurs decipher intricate market nuances. That’s why PriceShape advanced analytical features, such as providing market insights, tracking marketplaces product prices, or delivering C-level reports (evaluating the proficiency of people management through the entire project life cycle) help e-commerce businesses stay ahead of the curve.

What Are Price Monitoring Tools?

Price monitoring tools, including PriceShape, are instrumental software pieces that empower e-commerce businesses to maintain control over their pricing strategy. They let you stay competitive in the market by keeping an eye on your competitors’ prices and providing you with valuable insights.

Competitor price tracking tools operate as automated systems. Their main role is to collect, analyse, and process large amounts of pricing data, so that their users would always be ahead of the competition. Price monitoring tools work 24/7, constantly patrolling the e-commerce landscape and tracking your competitors’ actions from numerous sources. Thanks to the information provided by those tools, e-stores owners can make more precise, data-driven pricing decisions.

Choosing the right tool involves considering aspects such as potential limits and features that may require additional purchases. There are several solutions regarding price monitoring tools, so it is fundamental to think about various factors before making a final decision.

PriceShape is a price monitoring tool that focuses on high-degree customisation options. It can support you on your journey through the complexities of the e-commerce market with dozens of features designed to fit individual needs of the PriceShape’s users. We will also want to look at our own PriceShape alternativeDealavo – to tell you about the possible differences between these two solutions.

price monitoring system
The price monitoring system, according to Dealavo

PriceShape – Main Features

According to PriceShape’s creators, ROAS boosting is their most popular functionality both for brands, and for retailers.

PriceShape’s flagship features offer automatic and personalized reports, individual and personalized dashboards, integration with Google Analytics, dynamic pricing strategies, and dynamic tags for product grouping based on performance data.

The platform ensures timely updates on stock situations and incorporates scraping competitors’ prices and stock data for dynamic price rule creation. The most vital features of PriceShape include:

  • Competitive Price Monitoring,
  • Dynamic Pricing with dynamic tags,
  • Performance Insight,
  • customised reports,
  • Marketing Optimisation (with Google Analytics integration),
  • C-level reports for brands.

There’s a possibility to schedule a free PriceShape trial, using your own data and products info. You can also sign up for a personal demo version of the tool with one of PriceShape’s specialists, or watch a quick video tour that will take you through the essentials of PriceShape within less than 15 minutes.

Signing up for a free trial on

PriceShape’s pros:

  • customisable dashboards,
  • intelligent Dynamic Pricing with dynamic tags enables easy product grouping based on several factors (e.g. stock level, sales data etc.),
  • dedicated customer success team guiding new customers through the onboarding process
  • advanced c-level reports with a full overview of the market and daily info on price changes, stock levels, price history, and many more,
  • Google Ads account integration for ROAS boosting and conversion rate maximisation.

PriceShape dynamic tags configuration, source:

PriceShape’s cons:

  • no API integrations available (as of March 2024),
  • quite a small pool of sources available for monitoring (you can suggest a new source to be monitored, but there’s an additional fee for that).


Comparing PriceShape vs Dealavo

Dealavo, a notable PriceShape alternative, presents a distinct approach to e-commerce monitoring. Hailing from Poland, Dealavo offers advanced tools for price monitoring, competition tracking, Dynamic Pricing, and intuitive, customisable price alerts.

The platform, backed by machine learning technologies, provides a solid pricing automation feature. Dealavo’s advanced Dynamic Pricing with repricing algorithms provide overhand against the competition in the e-commerce market. Covering over 30 markets, Dealavo offers you a global reach across several countries and industries. 

dynamic pricing
Dealavo’s advanced Dynamic Pricing feature

With Dealavo’s double verification of the collected data, you can be sure that what you get is exactly what you’ve paid for. AI work is always checked and verified by the special Dealavo Quality Assurance team.

But that’s not all! For anyone who would like to test this technology out for themselves, Dealavo also provides a free seven-day trial.

Dealavo’s pros:

  • advanced Dynamic Pricing and repricing mechanisms for precise control,
  • wide array of useful API integrations for e-commerce, catering to global markets,
  • dedicated customer support with Customer Success Managers,
  • double verification of the data collected: first by the Machine Learning technology, then by the Quality Assurance team,
  • customisable price alerts for more flexibility.

 Dealavo provides advanced price monitoring and competition tracking services

Dealavo’s cons:

  • UI might seem a bit complex for the new users,
  • some integrations may need improvement.


PriceShape vs Dealavo – feature comparison

Price intelligence tool for e-commerce with a high degree of customisation options and c-level reports for the complete market overview including intel on competitors and resellers.Price monitoring and competition tracking tool with sophisticated Dynamic Pricing and repricing features, backed by Machine Learning algorithms to analyse large amounts of data.
fully customisable dashboards for smooth teamwork
Dynamic Pricing with dynamic tags
with advanced product grouping
complex, c-level reports with advanced market insight for brands
Google Analytics and Google Ads integration with ROAS boosting capabilities
user-friendly interface
performance insight for better optimisation
advanced Dynamic Pricing and repricing systems
double verification process: AI & QA
team global reach across 30+ markets and several industries
numerous API integrations
ERP system integrations (e.g. Subiekt GT)
complex data visualisation for making more precise pricing decisions


We hope that thanks to our PriceShape vs Dealavo comparison, you’ve learned what you needed to know to make your choice. Minding the differences and the pros and cons of both PriceShape and Dealavo, you’re able to calculate which tool would best support your e-commerce business growth.

PriceShape caters to users seeking a user-friendly interface, comprehensive reports, and personalized dashboards, also ensuring high-quality data. Dealavo, with its advanced Dynamic Pricing and global reach across several countries, appeals to those thinking about more expansive e-commerce strategies.
In the PriceShape vs Dealavo comparison, there is no ultimate winner. The decision rests on the delicate balance between user preferences, budget constraints, and the specific needs of each e-commerce business. Regardless of your final decision, however, you can always try Dealavo’s free 7-day trial version to see if our tool has it what it takes to satisfy your needs.